The Packrat, episode one

Double-Jupiter Dave thought that I was geeky enough to enjoy his new cartoon 'The Packrat'. Obviously I love it, as it features the Con Brio ADS200, one of the worst, most expensive and least successful synths in history... (Click on the cartoon for a bigger image)
UPDATE: Brian Kehew of Moog Cookbook owns the only ADS200 ever made, and writes to say: "Alas the disc drive is dead, and it's a CERTAIN kind of 8" floppy that no one has! We're looking into the one man in New Jersey that MIGHT fix it."

It's not the same disk drive as the original Fairlight is it? The floppies for that were something like eight inches as I recall…

Hey Tom is this Packrat thing going to become a regular? Can I do a synthesizer crossword as well? what about MIDI horoscopes?
Hey, it's me (the arteeste). This was made in an attempt to woo Keyboard Magazine into paying me to create regular content for them. I seriously doubt they'll run a monthly cartoon (least of all mine), but had to give it a shot.

Anyway, since I don't think it'll make the cut at KM, I sent it to MusicThing for readers' amusement (and also Brian Kehew who I thought would particularly appreciate it). This may be the only place (other than my website; where you see the Packrat. You lucky Music Things, you.

So no Mikey, since it wasn't made specifically for this blog, it won't be a regular offering here (unless interested parties beg, bribe, or otherwise pander to my insufferable ego). I would nevertheless be stoked to work on your crossword! Cool idea!
Spoke too of June I'm happy to report the Packrat is now being printed monthly in Keyboard magazine. I have Music Thing largely to thank for its exposure, which got the attention from KM contributing editors, right here on MT! Right on!
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