The hamster powered MIDI sequencer

So there's this guy Levy Lorenzo. He's a percussionist and I'm pretty sure that this is him playing with his band 'The Teapot Dome Orchestra'. He is (or was) a student at Cornell, studying MIDI, so he decided to build a Hamster controlled MIDI sequencer. It's three note polyphonic. Each channel is controlled by two hamsters, one for the melody, one for the rhythm. The output (through a Boss Dr Synth) sounds like this. Genius! Project Page.

I really want a VST plugin of this, with little animated hamsters.
when i was in college doing 'art' i did a piece which involved hamsters. I wrapped audio tape around the outside of two hamster wheels and attatched heads from two old reel to reels to the cage so that when they played on the wheels you heard the sound of a crappy reel to reel breaking. I soon got sick of trying to think up clever ideas and my final piece for the course was one hundred cardboard beaks which I handed out to everyone at the final show.
Is this sequencer used by the pet shop boys?
I work for Duran Duran and hamsters are a bit passé really - I want one that can run using persian kittens...
How is it that these hamsters appear to have a lot more talent than any of this year's Grammy winners?
so who do i do the record deal with, you or the hamsters ?
I have pet rats. I wonder if this would work with rats?
I have real rats. But if I made one of those into a trap, I'd have no more rats... and music.
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