The end of Music Thing, for now.

Four years ago, I had a job editing laddish lifestyle magazines funded by the National Health Service. It was a great job, great people, and not very time-consuming. So, at work and at home I started writing Music Thing. To my surprise and delight, people started reading it. It was fun and all-consuming. Every day you - the readers - sent me great stories which I had time to research and post.
The things I learned doing Music Thing (the internet stuff more than the guitars shaped like guns) have now helped me get a job where I'm in charge of the online output of The Times newspaper, managing 40+ people and a history going back to 1785. I spend all day on the web, talking and thinking about traffic, developers, links and readers. It's no longer what I want to do at home, so this will be the last Music Thing post.
That's right, I've used this blog to get what I want, now I'm spitting it out like stale gum. Sorry about that.
Thank you to everyone who has ever sent me an idea, particularly if I never got round to using it. Thanks to my fellow gear geek bloggers who have given so much help, friendship and inspiration. Special shouts out to Peters Kirn, Rojas and Taylor, Joel Johnson, Chris Randall, Matrix, Neil S and Michael M. (Image via Keith)

Noooooo...!!!! But I like musicthing :(

How about letting a couple of other contributors permission to post stories?

Oh well, back to matrixsynth...
I can totally understand and relate to this post. I started while in a soul destroying full time job aka a well paid rut. Like you, people seemed to like what I was doing, and the hard work allowed me to turn skratchworx into a business that just about pays my bills.

I'm now in the very fortunate situation of running a hugely successful website. just at a time when print media is suffering, and the crunch is making manufacturers look for more cost effective alternatives - and the web is at the top of the list.

I guess we do what we do to suit our personal needs. I've got an industry leading website that will keep me happy for years to come, and you've created an equally widely respected website that has enabled you to move onto a dream online role.

Well done, and I wish you every success at the Times Online!
Gutted. Thanks for all your work on MT tom, I've really enjoyed reading it. All the best for the future, I'm sure we'll see you around the webs!
Nooooooo!!!! My life is now meaningless. Good luck in your new gig.
Very sad to hear this.

Will you be maintaining the twitter feed?
well done, enjoyed this blog
You have inspired many and wow'ed us all. I'm really sad to see MT go, and I hope you find your blogging mojo again in the near future. You've started a great Thing here! We'll miss you!
you did a great work here and I appreciate it.

Good luck.
WOW! IT has been great till it lasted!
Good luck with your new job!!
damn.. I can't think of worse news. This sucks. fun
I'm very sorry to see you go, I've very much enjoyed reading Music Thing over the past couple (?) of years. Good luck at The Times.
MT's been great. I hope it continues in some form or another! All the best with the new job... every time I read The Times Online now I'll be thinking "i knew you when you soldered distortion pedals together in your garage and waved a wii controller 'round to the sound of gerbils farting". Get in! :-)
sounds like a win-win to me. thanks for your work and glad it brought you somewhere!
congratulations for your new job !
Congratulations on your job! It surely seems interesting and I fullz understand your choice. Well, I'm sorry to hear that you can't continue music thing, but I would ask you to leave it online. I am always saddened when people take something offline that was contributed by man people.

All the best, and enjoy!
Congratulations on your job! It surely seems interesting and I fully understand your choice. Well, I'm sorry to hear that you can't continue music thing, but I would ask you to leave it online. I am always saddened when people take something offline that was contributed by many people.

All the best, and enjoy!

(double post, spelling errors, spllling errs...)
Really sad to see Music Thing go. It occupied a special niche and I've greatly enjoyed it over the years. Best of luck with the day job.
Booo! Quitter!
Congrats on landing a job in "real" life, and thanks for maintaining this highly informative (well, entertaining) site for so long.
I will echo the 'well crap, but congratulations' sentiment.

perhaps your free time will lend itself to more actual music creation now! i enjoyed your remixfight contribution[s]
Aw.. Too bad for us, I guess. Good luck on the new gig.
Thanks for MT, Tom and good luck at your new job. I enjoyed reading this blog very much and I appreciate how much work it can be.
totally understan it, good luck with your job

feel fre to start again anytime ;)
music thing has been a great read. congrats on the new gig.
Sorry to hear it, but why not let some other people manage it? I suppose you might be worried about quality assurance. But don't forget many of the things that were posted on it were contributions from third parties anyway...!
Aw man! I'm crestfallen! This has been a fantastic blog. I've learned so much. Thanks for all of your hard work and research. I can only hope there is someone else out there as dedicated as you were.

Thank you. Good luck!
Thanks for all the great posts Tom. Enjoyed your site ever since I first visited it.
Ah, very very sorry to see MusicThing's demise, always enjoyed reading it, took me down the internet tubes to places I'd never have found without it. But all good things, I guess...
Hi. I just sent you an email to you tip hotline. Please read it. I would love to buy this site and keep it going. Please let me know if you are open to that idea.

I think I speak for so many of us when I just say:

Good news about the job; bad news about the blog. Can't say I don't empathize. My Flash toons were a great hobby, but once I started doing it full-time for clients, I found myself unable to do more of it for myself at the end of the day (or weekends, etc.).

Hobbies NEED to be different from your work.
Time for a new homepage, then. It was a good run while it lasted.
Aw, shucks! There's nothing else quite like MT.

Thanks for the good run, anyway. Congrats to you and good luck with the job.
As a fellow blogger and fan of the blog... it's a sad day to see you shut it down.... Love the site, love the insight from it. As everyone is saying... don't do it.. don't end it.

Take a break... maybe farm out that a collective of blogs you respect guest post their top posts for the next 6 months or something.. but don't let it end.

Either way.. sounds like you're having the time of your life. Congrads again... and as a fellow music blogger, keep sharing what you love and doing what you love to do.
As others have said - if you can, please do leave Music Thing online - there are still lots of fun and interesting things that many people will continue to enjoy.
Also good luck with the Times - hope they treat you well.

Thanks for all of your labours on Music Thing!
I will struggle on with my blog though I still haven't really found my groove yet - too much to do, too little time!
Awwww, that is such a bummer. Congrats on the new job, though - that is great news.

Music Thing has been a daily read for me for a while now, and led me to lots of cool new gadgets and concepts. I've even made a few purchases based on your recommendations. Thanks for all the musicthingy goodness you've given The Interwebs, and good luck at your new gig.
How depressing! I literally found MusicThing for the first time today, and it just happens to be the day you close up shop... I guess I have an archive of cool stuff to go through. Thanks!

-Nick Vido
Thanks for your work on this and the good times!

All the best in your new work.


Thanks for a great site. Your info and your tone are very interesting and entertaining. Best of luck, I hope we hear more from you about music again.
Tom, all the best ! it's great you got the nice job that fits you by putting up MT from your heart (aaah..) , to bad we'll have to miss it like it was.. We can check out other geeky blogs for gearporn and blabla, but the "tone' will allways be different.... I'm certainly gonna miss the MT-comments community, can we save it somehow ?
Oh, no. Now I've enjoyed MT tremendously for the past three (or is it four?) years. Your voice will be sorely missed in the electromusic world. I'll continue to wave the "Thing" banner proudly on Retro Thing.
I'm sorry to see MT go, it's always been an interesting read.

I can relate on a smaller scale though. Producing the NAMM Oddities end up take about 2 weeks out of my life each year. I can imagine that doing this year round would take it's toll.

Interesting timing shutting down just before Winter NAMM, coincidence? ;)
there goes my synth porn
Good luck. Really enjoyed your site.
Now i'm off to the Times site to look for synth related easter eggs ;)
Ah - that's a shame. We've enjoyed reading Music Thing. Thanks for a job well done, and best of luck.
so long, and thanks for all the fish... shaped guitars. :)
Hey congratulations and happy trails you lucky sod.
Thanks for everything and good luck!
such a shame man

always loved your blog

best wishes for the future
Thanks for all the great posts tom! you're awesome. hopefully one day you can resurrect the blog...

in the mean time how about you peer into that backlog of stories from the time going back to 1785 and pull out some old skool music technology historical gems?

just have an intern copy and paste them to the blog!
Tom, your posts will be sorely missed. They offered a peek into things that will otherwise be missed. MT is one of the pinnacles of the music oriented blogs. It was one of the first music blogs I visited. You really supported me in getting off the ground. I want to thank you for that.

I totally understand the work vs. blog dilemma. The blog should never feel like work. It should be a cathartic break from work. Whenever I feel bogged down, I pull out and remind myself not to take the site too seriously. I then usually come back refreshed.

That said, do what's right for you and know that we all support you. Even though many of us will not see it, it's great to know you are on to more successful things in the same vein.

I wish you the best and hope to see Music Thing back one day.
Tom, best of luck. You did a great job here.
Wow, I think I just had to fight some tears. Horribly depressing yet completely understandable.

Thanks for the good read and good luck in all that you do!

P.S. not that I'm volunteering, but would you ever consider letting a small team take over the blog for you just to keep the dream alive?
Thank you for all the good times.. Good luck on your path ! ;-)
You don't owe us anything. We owe you. Thank YOU!
So long and thanks for all the fish!
It's been emotional.
Are you willing to let someone else take over the editors position?
Aw, the one and only blog I've ever read...

Well, now I'll have more time for actual work I suppose :P

Good luck in the future and all that!
Damn... Music Thing is (was great).

Congrats with the Times job... But damn!

If you love something set it free. If at all possible, please let some others post and carry on Music Thing?

cheers and good luck and thanks for all the... squid
Let me just say what everyone else has said: I'm sorry to see MT go, but congratulations on getting/good luck with the Times job. It seemed that updates were getting pretty sporadic for a long time so this news isn't really that much of a surprise.

I'd also like to echo the sentiment that allowing other editors to post items would be nice.

Also, there's a bit of an irony that in the RSS feed, the entry still ends with the boilerplate "BONUS: Get extra Music Thing updates at: or in the sidebar at"
Great for you, bad for us. You will be very much missed, as a new Music Thing post was a highlight of the day. Best of luck in all you do, and thanks for what you have done.

I was very loyal to this blog :)
Always enjoyed reading this!
When there was an update, i was always like "Hooray! new music thing update!"

Good luck and thanks for all the great posts
Spit it out like Gum!

Do something new and awesome Tom!

Thank for all the good times, I always waited for your feeds!
Good Luck and come back soon!!!!

Ahhh end of an era! ;_;

Anyway, thanks for a great blog and many interesting/inspiring things!
Good luck. You have no idea how much I will miss you.

This is my first post (and apparently last) comment on Music Thing. I've been following your blog for a couple of years now (haven't missed a post during that time ), and I just wanted to thank you for your years of dedication to what may have been the most fascinating piece of music journalism on the Internet.

It only just occurred to me that your blog -- other than my daily newspaper -- is the only thing I have been reading regularly! Best of luck in your future endeavors and keep in mind that if you ever decided to make a Music Thing comeback, I'm sure your readership would welcome it!

Thanks again,
Toronto, Ontario, Canada
irony: below this post in my RSS feed: "BONUS: Get extra Music Thing updates at: or in the sidebar at"

ah well, nothing gold can stay, ponyboy.

anyways, thanks, tom, I've really enjoyed this blog for the past couple years. best of luck with your future endeavors!
Best of luck with the new job! I'll miss the site... I hope the archives stay up!
Bummer! I'll be missing the THING. It's been really fun to read - Good luck at the Times, it sounds like an amazing gig. Thanks for the good times...
Sorry to hear that musicthing is over, but glad to see that it is for good.

All the best, it's been great to read your blog daily.
this is a huge shame. as one of the earlier readers commented, would it be possible to open it up BoingBoing style to other editors? I think there's a real opportunity here. Email me at parkylondon {snail] gmail [smalldottything] com
All good things... It's been great reading your posts, I hope someone takes up the idea and runs with it. All the best in future ventures.
Congratulations on the new job! I fully understand how time consuming running a site can be, Guitar Noize takes up a lot of time and I only make enough money to pay for the hosting but it is fun and keeps me interested in playing my guitar!

Hopefully I can poach some of your readers now :)
Thanks for sharing your spare time while you had it!
Bravo and thanks.
All good blogs also have a finite lifespan.
will miss you!!!!!!!
Most of all I will miss the dry witty British take on this business. Rather refreshing in the face of all the American blogs.
Best wishes Tom you gave us a Great Thing!
Congrats, that sounds like a great job. We'll miss ya.
I've read MT since day one and echoing the sentiments of the other posts, I too will be sad that the blog is closing and wish you the very best for the future. Apart from all the glorious synth pron, your posts were always witty, engaging and a jolly good read.

Thanks Tom. I shall go and have a twiddle in your honour.
(And good luck)
how sad. can someone else be as funny and quirky and interesting as you? PLEASE???
Wow - it's like the end of an era! I have really enjoyed reading your blog, Tom - sad to see it go.

Good luck with your fancy new job!!
Its been a great run - thank you for Music Thing - and great good luck with your next chapter
Best wishes. I was very good fun.
I look at The Times site nearly every day, so we know where you are if we feel the need to torment you Ha Ha
Good luck!
Thanks for all the fish!
Wow, well your talents are fantastic and if its being used to make yourself some money then go for it. Congratulations Tom
we'll miss your randomness

Have a great time

why not pass the reigns to someone who can carry the torch?
Where will I satisfy my obscure gear fetish, now?
Congrats on the new job!
so very sorry, but sounds best for you=rock on
Congrats on the new gig!

I've enjoyed your blog for a very long time. Perhaps you're open to allowing others to post to it instead, or seeing if someone is open to taking it over.

Thanks for all the effort you've put in, and best wishes for your future endeavors!
You have no sense of priorities. Traitor! May you rot in hell and good luck with the new gig. Congratulations. Music Thing will live in our memories if not in an online archive.
thank you for everything.. this will always be my favorite music blog...

Thanks Tom, really enjoyed it and hope it will continue in some form if you can find someone to take over... Please!

George Shilling
Wow, sounds like a wonderful gig! Congratulations!

Thanks for everything and good luck with your new job.

Yet another talentless wannabe learns he can't cut it in the music world.
Don't let the door hit you on the way out.
Thanks for MusicThing, many great stories indeed.

Cheers from Swedeland
I've been following Music Thing for a long time now. Has been a great place for some music related nonsense and interesting stuff too :)

Good luck!
Wait a minute... this blog is essential to the internet music geek's periodic fix. Surely one post a month won't hamper your work. You are well respected, and it behooves you to continue, for your own sake! Do reconsider.

Had to try....

Anyways, good luck with everything. Your posts will be sorely missed.
a sad day indeed - let rememebr the good times - well done Tom and all the best for the future.
What a pitty. A lot of information I used for my own Noisejunk website ( had it's origin here. What the hell am I going to read now during the lunch break :-(
Thanks for the good work.
Too bad it's closing. Why not hand it over to someone else who can carry on?

It's a valuable blog so I'd really like to see it continue.

Good luck and Many thanks! Like many, I checked this site at least once a week - being one of the few blogs I've ever bothered reading. Fantastic humor and fun... learnt a stack and it got me on many web and wikipedia jouneys.

Hopefully someone will step into your shoes and create a similar site somewhere.

Best of luck at the Times!!

:-) Chris
Thanks for all the great posts. Best of luck.

Shuji, Tokyo, Japan
Been an avid reader for years. I am considering paying more attention to Times online just to alleviate the MT withdrawal pangs. Great blog, will be sorely missed, but I fully appreciate the whole busmans holiday thing.
Many thanks for all the MT related goodness over the years!!!
and the inspiration to do our own wee music-gear related blog :)
over at
Many people left you good stuff here. Where can we now give our tips ?

As it's your last post, it's my last chance to make a link to my blog, where I'll happily take any suggestions from your (ex-)readers ! (for the french ones)

Manufacture Francaise d'Harmonie de Précision

Thank you very much for your blog of which I was a faithful reader, and good luck in your new job.
thanks for all the great posts!

crazy things happen...

have fun & thx for this baby :) !

cheers & boom tschak from germany
Sad to see it go. Great site. Good luck mate
oh bummer! best wishes on your new work. if you ever get bored with it, you know where to find an audience!
devastated. man, this blog is a huuuuuuuuuge inspiration.
YES YES YES - well done - amazing post - I am really pleased for you - gives all us other bloggers out here in the Universe something to aspire to - Congratulations...

Mark Tinley (sonicstate podcaster).
cheers! you had quite a run. great blog. good luck with everything!
I've really enjoyed Music Thing. Great blog, cool posts, always a fun read. Congratulations on a successful run.
Best to you, Tom.

Longtime reader (via Google Reader).
good bye musicthing. my fav music blog
your blog showed me tons of stuff i didn't know. it was the best place for musi geeks :)

thanks you the great time.
Thank you for all the hard work you put into MT, it was my favourite blog ever. Very glad to hear it's paid off and wish you the best with the new job!
Sad to see MT pass on but all the best for the future. Thanks for all the crazy shit you've trawled up over the last few years.
this is a sad thing for sure - but a celebration of your success as well! If you ever decide to get back at it, my google reader will let me know!
Damn, I've been coming to this blog for almost a year and a half. Good to see you doing what you want, carry on.
While I'll miss MT quite a lot, thank you, congratulations and very best of luck!
I'm very sad to read of Music Thing's demise, but big congratulations on your new job! Thanks for a very entertaining blog.
I appreciate all the hard work you put into this. It provided me lots of entertainment and exposed me to countless new things over the past couple years. I admire you for bowing out now instead of whimpering out in mediocrity. Thanks again.

oh bugger!
The best gear blog ever.
As an instrument builder I've been inspired by many things I found on you blog. Good luck at the Times
Live long and prosper (please excuse the trekkie reference but it's a sentiment I like)

--(the cat pee in the microphone guy)
Thanks for a few years of fantastic posts! Here's hoping you can find someone else to carry the torch
Thanks, man. You single handedly got me into off-the-wall-crazy-batshit-electronic music. Once I was a folk guy. Now I'm never going back.
Thank you so much for all the great posts over the years.

This has been my favorite blog hands down, and it is tough to imagine life without you.
Gosh darnit... every time I start enjoying a blog, it disappears.

Thanks for all the GREAT posts over the years. This was the best. blog. ever.
very nice blog


Bugger...I'll miss MusicThing.

Congratulations though Tom on your job, and thanks for all the fine posts (and flattering me by including contributions from my good self...)

All the best

Dr. Bing Klazeby
Congratulations on the new job! I'm glad to see that your efforts on Music Thing have been rewarded ;-) Thanks for all the great posts, too. I first discovered Music Thing when I worked at a very big computer company with a very short name, doing tech support. MT had been going for a while then, and browsing back through the archives kept me sane through many boring weekend shifts...

I'm in two minds about asking you to pass the reins to someone else. While I will miss MT, it wouldn't really be the same with someone else editing it. Maybe it's best to stop, and leave it all in a good place.

Thanks again, Tom, and best of luck in the future ;-)

Congratulations on having found a job that you're into. Very sorry to hear that this is the end for MT. I've personally found it quite inspiring, as well as entertaining and informative.

It would be nice if it could continue in some form though; perhaps you could sell it to The Times?

All the best
Doh! I loved musicthing! In fact it inspired me to start my own blog in a similar style so check it out @ and once i get comments enabled i'd love loads of feeback.
MT inspired me to start blogging as well. So long and thanks Tom!!
Thanks for all the enjoyable posts - sad to see MT go!

No! I will miss MT so much! But I am very happy for you that you landed a great job. Thank you for the years of great posts.....
- Wes
Nohoooo! MT rules! At least the two-oscillator-thereminlike-thingy i bought on Ebay (last week) via the ads on your blog will be a good reminder of all the sweeeet MT goodness of the last few years...

Oh yeah good luck on yer new job Tom!

Congratulations on the new job, and yes Music Thing has been one of the better online Music blogs for tech the past few years. I hate to see it go but I understand.

Still, if there is a way it can continue to live on that would be great. But thanks for everythign and good luck.
one of the very few blogs i constantly checked.
i will miss you MT!

Thank You and Good Luck!
This was a really great blog - discovered lots of fun stuff on here. Thanks for doing it, and good luck at the Times!
Hopefully I can snag a few of your readers now. :) Good luck!
man this has been a great blog, the woodentops wish you best of luck mango..
Love the site sad to see it end. Maybe the Times will let you keep running it from work, then again... No company is that nice. Good luck and good night.

all the best for the future
Thank you for your wonderful humour and all the news about music gear. Good luck with your new gig at the Times on-line.
A.Beddoes, Vancouver

you number 1....

catdog (thailand)
Thanks for a lot of amazing info and good fun! Sorry to see MusicThing go.
Best regards...
A sad day indeed. As a fellow music blogger, I fully understand your predicament. My blog has taken a hammering in terms of reduced postings due to my paying full time occupation. So, I know exactly how you feel.

On the upside, it might drive a bit more traffic my way !! LOL ;o)

Anyway, from all of us here at Failed Muso (er, that would be me then) all the best in the future. You deserve it :o)
Music Thing has been my first call on the net every day for the last few years - I shall really miss it.
Having my work featured on Music Thing has introduced me to hundreds of people around the world and some have become very good friends.
So many thanks Tom!
Thanks for MT Tom, it has been a brilliant site.

All the best in the new gig.
haven't missed a single post of your blog. thank you for everything!
ra from switzerland
Thank you for everything!
Sad !
MT ruled my days

Such a shame. Oh well, at least it didn't carry on & was rubbish.

Take the money & run!
I'm glad you put this addition: ",for now." Great job!
Congratulations on your new job and cheers for all the joy that you gave us with this wonderfull blog.

All the best!!!
Take care, and thanks for all the great posts! Hope Music Thing will live on, fueled by some new, bored office-lurker?
Oooooh! Nooooo!

well, gl @ your new work
Thanks for letting everyone know! Some bloggers simply stop blogging or delete their blog with no explanation. Please keep Music Thing available, as it will continue to be a great online resource! Music Thing will remain in my blogroll. I know it's a labor of love, so thanks again for what you've created here.

All these comments show just how very important this blog has been.

All the best from Stratoblogster!
Thanx for all the great posts!
BIG UP! and good luck with you new job.
It totally takes one dedicated insane person to make a difference in web of art in the world. Thank you so much for being that person.

good luck!
OH NO ! I guess I'll have to spend more time on ebay or actually recording!? What's going to happen to my 'pubspeak' now?

congrats.. Let's hope your influence at the times will encourage the general public to start buying records again so we can all get modular synths.
MT has been one of the few blogs that I visit while crossing my fingers in hopes of a new post.

Thanks for all of the effort in the past.

My two cents, let some people apply to take over, I have seen it done on other blogs. Pick somebody to keep it up.

There are only a few blogs that have remained around for so long and I am sure people will be willing to collaborate to keep the thing going.

Best of luck
thanks for the quality diversion, it'll be sorely missed!
Perfect. Today I finally set up an account on Blogspot and yours was the first page I started to set up to follow. Waaaaaa waaaaa. Hilarious. Good luck.
well congratulations on getting your job, and thanks so much for the years of entertainment. but, damn, we'll miss you.
Bummer, but I can totally understand.

Happy Trails!

But I just learned about this site!
You should have told me about this blog.
I feel depraved. No, deprived. Both.
a "Music Thing" column would be ideal for the Times website...
this calls for syndication! re-runs! encore!
bravo to a great blog.
you'll be missed.
Thanks for the past 4 yrs of interesting stuff (since I started reading your blog).
Similarly, I barely have time to touch the pile of old synths and instruments. I guess the era of self-made music is fading away..... What's the meaning of inspiration???
Its been a pleasure, thanks
congrats mate!
I have to add my voice to the masses. i found lots of amazing stuff thanks to you and your website. Good Luck!!!

Come back soon...

I am from Brazil and follow Music Thing for a long time. I am very selective on what I read, and your blog was always a good source of good, light reading.
Thanks for your time spent on this, and hope you soon get back to rilive Music Thing!


José Antônio
Such a shame, great blog. Good luck!
Thanks MT!
I am jealous of the people who will be working for you. I hope that you will be a great manager and everyone will catch your spirit and work hard to make great things! On the other hand, if they or you aren't worthy, please come back and make another run at Music Thing!
Just want to say that I have enjoyed MT immensely over the last couple of years.

If anyone hasn't gone through the amazing archive here at MT, I strongly urge them to do so.

I'll keep the feed in my reader just in case. But please don't let it become some wiki of every strange synth sound on youtube such as a certain other site...
This is sad as i've been a reader for awhile and had it bookmarked going to it every week or so. Good luck to you and hope to see another geeky music blog site soon.
music for live

*shakes fist*

Damn you....DAMN YOU!

p.s. thanks for all the hard work. And the guitars shaped like machine guns.
I've never put a comment here but now I have to.

MusicThing was the only one blog (among many I have bookmarked) I have always found a time for and have read it regulary, looking forward for every new post.

It brought me a lot of inspiration and truly widened my musical horizonts.

Many thanks and lot of respect for every word you posted!

Sad to see it fade away, but I like that "..for now." at the end of the last post's title .)

Have a great life Tom!

Michal, Czech Republic
muy bueno, una pena que este espacio se evapore
i dont get it?

congratulations about your job


i love music thing <3

i cant live with out music thing

Best Movie Download Site:
oh no! please dont leave us!! :,(
congrats on the job! thanks for all the good times :-)
Surely it can't be the end of Music Thing until someone posts a spam comment about Runescape Gold, I've gots piles of the stuff in the cupboard under the stairs.

Best wishes Mr W.
...sad to hear THIS is over, but happy about your new gig - truly! All the best success. I second the idea of having others continue Music Thing if they can do it justice!

Some of your posts were the highlights of my interweb crawls on any random day. Thanks for all the memories. :) -ant.
Congratulations on the new, kudos and sadness (for me, at least) on leaving the olde.

It was a good run, wonderful and thought-provoking at its best, but what did a Mr. Harry's son once say, was it "All Things(mayhaps even 'music' things) Must Pass?"
O.K., I cease and desiste; for even a paraphrase seems like a swelle-headed pornographe of the olde Mastre.


The Olde Gumme sticking to Yon Streete
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