Ten awesome homemade guitars

J chot writes: HEY GUESS WHAT!!! I spent the entire day at work searching the words "made guitar" and "built guitar"!
Here are the most interesting ones I found:
  1. Dude built a guitar from legshield of a vespa scooter
  2. Nicest cigarbox guitar I've ever seen
  3. Hardcore homemade (Africa)
  4. Another African homemade guitar
  5. Croissant-a-caster?
  6. Skate-a-caster?
  7. Dear Jesus, my eyes.
  9. Of lesser note, but still interesting:
  10. Umm....ok.....what?
  11. DOES Anyone know what that is?
Thanks, J chot!

Hey, J-chot. Surprised to see a post by you! Well done! My fav. is the dick-tar.
this is very topical mr verchot, i've been getting into cigar box guitars of late...

this video singlehandedly made we want to make one:


And I reckon these may be the hottest cigar box guitars made yet:

tyler: that thing scared me.

6am: who you be? how you know my govmnt name, son?
This bass is sitting in my office right now:

the almighty EM...
Sounds like a great job tom. :P
Number 10 looks a bit like an Italia that's been modded. Then again, Italia's look like interesting relics of dubious playability, which it might also be.
+1 for the skateboard guitars, sweet!
I am humble about many things, but not about my guitar:

I can't be bothered to post a better picture of this but here is my Wellington Electric. Bought off ebay a few years ago, made from a Wellington boot. No whammy bar but bending the foot yields a similar effect. The worst guitar I have ever played.

Some of mine:

Little square noise guitar:

Friends guitar which was smashed in at least 4 pieces, re-glued and re-noised. Added a contact mic, springs and coins in the cavity where tone controls used to be:
That's a vespa cowl, not a legshield.

Thanks for the fun pictures.
The Homemade Jamz Blues Band plays homemade guitars made from mufflers. These aren't novelty guitars, theyy are used hundreds of times each year in their shows.

Here is a link to a story Modern Guitars did on their guitars


Did I mention they are nominated for "Best New Artist" by the Blues Foundation?
Outstanding collection. Is the link working for the vespa one? The Wellington Boot is hysterical!
Dont forget MDX Guitars. UNBELIEVABLE!
The suede leather guitars are cool, and you got to love that Freekbass thing!!
My guitarist used his own made guitar made from mango wood and maple wood for the neck.
How about Brian May's Red Special. :D
The guitar cost him about £30,- then. Wherefrom £15,- was paid for the pickups.
Now, after more then fourty years, it's still his first guitar to use.
Dick-tar! Awesome!
I liked the two guitars made by the Africans. I mean it is amazing how they improvised guitar for the sake of music. Really awesome.
Those are some truly awesome guitars! I wish the one that isn't "work-safe" hadn't been deleted from photobucket.. Now I'm inspired to hit the drawing board and design my dream guitar.
I love how people can be creative with limited resources!
Wow I love seeing this kind of creativity..i tried making myself a diddely bo once but kept snapping the wire..
I´m almost certain, Number 10 looks like an Argentinian guitar, "Fratti". There were, as far as I know some Fratti guitars made in Italy. And there are (in fact I owe one) Fratti guitars made in Argentina. They were from around 1960s. If you are looking to see some strange guitars please take a look at these 3 stringed lap steele (or diddley bow if you prefer) made by me out of a Dunlop tennis racquet: http://www.ipernity.com/blog/67092/324287
You can listen to it here played with a slide:
The tenis slide guitar is used in song 3 "Fragmentoj" (anyway, you can donwload the whole album for free, if you want).
Regards from Argentina,

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