Music Thing readers buy the coolest things

I've been running eBay affiliate links on Music Thing for a few years now, but only recently got into the eBay developer API enough to see what people actually buy after clicking on MT links. As I was fiddling with the system, it produced a very boring list of items - just random... stuff. It was a bit disappointing, because I'd hoped that Music Thing readers had better taste. THEN, I fixed the code and the real list appeared, together with a huge smile.
Here's a fairly random selection of MT purchases from the last few months (the links will die out if you're reading this in the future):
1. Moog Liberation keytar, complete with rainbow strap
2. 360 cannisters of nitrous oxide, for an enthusiastic chef, obviously
3. Maestro 'Rhythm Jester' vintage drum machine
4. Metal guitar pick made from an old Tanzanian coin
5. A dollar bill with Hank Williams' face on it
6. A musique concrete LP recorded by members of Paul Revere and the Raiders
7. A Suzuki Omnichord in brown, of course
8. Steampunk goggles with cracked lenses
9. A sealed tin of tobacco from the early '70s, made in Britain
10. A 150 year-old ring, a Victorian memento mori with a skeleton on it
The list goes on, endlessly cool, through 3D lenticular postcards and a vintage Steinberger guitar and a CNC router and afrobeat twelves and Eames furniture and a Tablebeast SK1 and Korean soft porn and 1920s sheet music and Cuban maracas and MegaDrive games and Doepfer modules and Black Sabbath t-shirts and on and on. In fact, in the whole list of 100+ items, the only real embarrassment is one Jamie Cullum CD. You know who you are...
ps: I know this post is a slightly strange invasion of your privacy. If I've linked to something you bought and you'd rather I didn't, just let me know and I'll take it down.

Thats Hank Williams Jr, a lapse of taste worser than Jamie Cullum by a long shot. Only Hanks I & III count.
Nitrous Oxide is brilliant for cleaning guitar strings, honest mum. Mum... MUM.. I THINK I'M MELTING MUM..
Ah, the Omnichord

I really wish everyone would stop drawing attention to it. I want one, but the cult status it seems to have picked up very recently due to the internet appears to be jacking up the ebay prices very significantly.

Yes, the Omnichord gets quite the attention when it lands on I've seen many a Yamaha PSS-170 go for $50 plus shipping. Great site, by the way. You think you've found a secret auction where nobody knows what these things are worth, but it has long been infiltrated by people like us :)
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