Johnny Marr in "The Story of the Guitar"

Alan Yentob's 3 hour series The Story of The Guitar has been simultaneously fascinating and irritating. Fascinating because there are plenty of great stories and interviews along the way, and irritating because it's the same old Great Men of Rock as ever: music history as written by Q Magazine.

Bo Diddley is everywhere!
Spinal Tap moment - "It's sort of like turning your daydreams into sound."
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I would say Joy Division has had much more influence on contemporary guitar music than any other 80s band. I'm telling you this as an American. Also the MC5 of course. I'm saying in terms of paradigm sifts.

I realize the influence of American roots/spiritual/blues on it all.
Well, there are certain key players in the history of the guitar who you can't avoid.

Not all those featured were such obvious choices. Episode 1 even featured comedian/musician Bill Bailey.

I thought that overall it was a nice little series.

But yeah, they could have mentioned the MC5.
"music history as written by Q Magazine" forgot to add "And presented by an insufferably smug and self-promoting bell-end who has a history of getting his underlings to do interviews and then edits in shots of himself to make it look like he was actually working rather than pissing away our License fees down The Ivy"

(I think.)
great show... joy division are definitely one of the most influential bands (let alone guitar bands) ever in my opinion.
Thought it was a great show too...though maybe the presenter was a less than obvious choice.
well, i was at the Portmouth Polythechic Smiths gig in 1984; I was right at the front and Johnny Marr stood on my hand! It realy hurt-I forgive him...
This video seems no longer available due to copyright issues. Come on, was it that important?
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