Behold the mighty Phantastron tube synth kit

I'm indebted to Deviant Synth for news of the Phantastmatron tube synth kit. It's a relatively simple $195 build-it-yourself kit to build a complex playable tube oscillator, based on WWII era Navy radar circuitry. The kit illustrated by a series of increasingly awesome videos: Building the circuit board, playing with a ribbon controller, and - seen on the right - processing voice.

You can't be serious!!!
WOW awesome thanx for posting...
I gotta get myself one of those.
Is it shipped to other countries cause i dont live in the US??

Mark Mcdowell

Mark Mcdowell, Phoenix, Arizona 85008 - SSN, Credit Records, Arrest Records, Court Records, Criminal Records ..
Hey, PEople!
This is the minimalistic studio I ever saw!

Listen to them at:
bathtime beat

Really nice!
Indeed, we ship to anywhere, and we have a 110V and a 220V version and can supply any sort of plug you want UK, EU, etc...


Lorin Parker
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