Tenori Off: The unplugged, acoustic Tenori On

Kentaro writes with exciting DIY news from Japan: "TENORI-ON is one of the coolest electric musical device: it is portable, easy to play and good for audio-visual performance. But I have not purchased it yet because it is expensive and a shortage in Japan. That is the reason why I made an unplugged version of TENORI-ON, so-called 'TENORI-OFF'" Exemplary hacking skills, Kentaro.

It leaves me voiceless. Can't wait for "kaossilator-off" !
why bother? this is plain stupid. what a waste of time and money...
honestly mate, get a sense of humour.
ooh, can someone do a circuit bent version? i wanna hear it glitch!
Some people have way too much time on their hands.

But I suppose someone had to do it/
I have modded the Tenori off by placing it on top of my laptop screen and then turning on the itunes visualizer, this creates randomly generated sequence patterns previously unavailable on this model.
Brilliant work! Very Tasteful! I know it sounds great too.
Hi MusicThing, hi all, this is Kentaro. Thank you all for the article and nice comments.

My colleague is working now for a joke product impersonating kaossilator ;)

> this is plain stupid.
You are absolutely right. I like stupid things.

> a circuit bent version
is this open source?
I'm hearing 'Popcorn' by Hot Butter played on this.
I think it´s very creative.
really cool stuff! :-)
Beautiful. Done with humor and respect for the original while still making a great comment about the cost/value of the original.
Probably sounds better than the Tenori On's pathetic GM based soundset and has less gimmick factor, because you will still be popping those bubbles long after getting bored with Yamaha's overpriced light box.

The Tenori On and the Kaosillator are the fast food of electronic instruments, appealing at first but ultimately unfulfilling and of limited nutritional substance.
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