The New Yorker on playing live with laptops

There's a nice piece by Sasha Frere-Jones in this week's New Yorker called Laptops go live: "To protect his Panasonic Toughbook, Gillis [Girl Talk] covers it in Saran Wrap and uses a mouse rather than the track pad. (“My hands just get too sweaty,” he explained to me.)" Above - Battles, who use loopers live, with the laptops just acting as sound sources.

if we were to make a band that's something that we'd be sounding like. going for performance not perfection!
did u know that Tyondai Braxton (the singer in the video) is the son of Toni Braxton? well i didnt
that would be son of anthony braxton... no relation to toni.
using laptops interactively in live performances is not some new thing, sasha frere jones is totally oblivious to anything outside of the pop mainstream and about 10 years too late with that article.
what gd said!
That sounds very annoying.
playing live with BACKING TRACKS is lame. period. always has been; always will be.
I agree with kev on music. It is more interesting to watch a real live performance than a perfect tottally pre-recorder and predictable.
thanks for sharing

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not that great
That was pretty unique but I didn´t like it.
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