Jörg made an excellent 'Speaking Object'

Love this: "during my 11 days at STEIM i did a working prototype of the second incarnation of the "speakingObject" (no better title still). it's basically a vocal synthesizer controlled by two buttons and a three axis accelerometer. it works without a computer. the two wires are just power and sound out. the finished object will work on batteries and include an amp plus speaker so there will be no wires at all." More at Jörg's site.

I learned the hard way never to hold the back of an exposed circuit board while plugged in.
It's got the potential to put the green alien voice actors from Toy Story out of a job!
nice! that wasn't horrible.
Cool - is that one of those speakjet chips in action?
As a mostly retired circuit bender, it's nice to see something that makes this kind of sound with the added bonus of real control. Part of the beauty of bent speech toys comes out of their limitations and unpredictability, but there is always this trade off between playability and sonic potential. I'd like to have one of these, myself. It'd be a nice thing to hand, switched on, to visitors.
So there's an accelerometer in it somewhere?

Does that mean some clever chap could build an emulation of this that ran on the iPhone?
Sounds like a XQJ-37 Nuclear-Powered Pansexual Roto-Plooker that has just been urinated upon.
Funny, my Big Muff makes the same kind of noises when I move it around like that. I thought it was broken, but now I know it's actually evolved into an ultra-cool, post-modern, high-concept art machine.
That's so awesome! I wish that I had more time to learn how to make these types of things. That can really bring a lot of originality to someone's recording.
put it in a typewriter - instant naked lunch.
Interesting little circuit there. Sounds like ET
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