ESP Samurai Kyomoto Special is the ugliest guitar ever made

On Sunday, Music Thing will be four years old, and I've never seen a guitar quite so eye-bendingly ugly as the ESP Samurai Kyomoto Special, built for Masaki Kyomoto, actor/musician star of Cutey Honey and Ai to Yujo no Boogie-woogie ("an entertaining drama that carries a message of hope in the boogie-woogie rhythm to all housewives around the country"). There's a nice shot of Masaki at work here.
PS. If you're wondering what the veiny, blue erect bit is, it's a fully working samurai sword. Good luck getting that through airport security. Anyway, many more gruesome ESP specials at Monmon's Gadgets. (Thanks, Raimon)

That guitar is one of the most amazingly ugliest things I've ever seen. It's so bad, I almost like it. Any idea where I can see it in real life?
That is one ugly guitar.

If that guitar ever went to the Prom Night at Guitarsville High School, Tennessee, it would be the one guitar no-one would ask for a dance.
It looks like an accessory for an action figure.
Oh, man... I wandered into a chain of links through that ESP site, and I ended up in the Alfee band guitar gallery/outlet/retail store thing... I don't know what to say. Sometimes I think everybody on Earth is basically the same, then I run across something like that. Everybody is not the same, man. So weird.

Do some of these Japanese pop guys have a one-off custom built for one show, and then sell it on their website? That's what it seems like.

Anyway, Alfee, as I believe you've pointed out on this blog before, has been trying to corner the market on tacky custom axes for a long time. They're like evil, out of control, androgynous, Japanese Rick Nielsens channeling c1984 ZZ Top. And I don't mean that in the good way.
What does he do with the sword when he is playing...this is such an ugly guitar its almost an art form in itself
Wow. Custom made for smashing up your TV.
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