Cute hardware upgrade for BC16 synth

Here's a tiny patchable inverter accessory for the Chimera BC16 mini synth "a little PCB (postage stamp) with four wires hanging out of it (the whole package is heatshrunk into a clear sleeve) - it's purpose is to 'invert' any control signal used on the bC16". Being sent out free to all BC16 owners(mine hasn't arrived yet).
UPDATE: It arrived! It's cute! Haven't tried it out yet...

Color me dense, but what would the actual application of this be?
"Being sent out free to all BC16 owners"

I don't know if all the BC16 owners even have their BC16s yet, let alone a patch inverter!

definitely curious what the 8-ball synth will sound like though.
My BC16 showed up last week. Haven't had much chance to play yet, and with the manual still pending last time I checked, it is a bit cryptic -- but a bit of plugging does quickly produce all sorts of interesting sounds even with three or four cables.
i soon hope to get hands on mine after 1 1/2 months waiting...
I'm still waiting for my bC16 after almost 8 months now. I think the company should be more honest on actual delivery times. The home page says delivery times are "2-4 weeks from order" but that's clearly not entirely close to reality.
i will upgrade for BC16...
Yeah, I'm still waiting for my BC16 despite being promised after repeatedly chasing them for an update that it would be sent out early-July.

I'd rather they served their waiting customers with the products we have purchased than invest our cash into sending inverter cables to the lucky few. As much as I want to support the boutique independent synth industry, BC ain't making it easy.
But seriously... What does this inverter actually *do*?
An inverter inverts. 1VDC in, -1VDC out.

In terms of the BC16, you could make a control signal do the opposite of what it does on it's own. Say it's an LFO sawtooth, instead of rising up and dropping back down, it will start high and sink down.
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