Audio Damage Automaton: 'Game of Life' vs glitch

This video makes me smile whenever I watch it. It's so clever, and so bonkers, and so much more fun than almost any other plugin I've seen. It's the first look at Automaton, the new thing from Audio Damage - a glitch/buffer override effects unit controlled by cellular automata a bit like Conway's Game of Life. Since starting again with Logic, the only 3rd party plugins I've used have been from Audio Damage, because they look incredible and sound right. If Automaton is getting you interested in Cellular Automata, you'll enjoy this clip of game of life running on a half-built Monome.

Awesome plugin and great demo! I'm excited to give it a try on some projects! Thanks!
Yet another awesome concept completely ruined by a crappy techno looper.
[Tried to post this eralier, apologies if it somehow comes through twice.]

If you're interested in more monome/Game of Life musical madness, I've made a couple of videos, that use Life running on a monome as a generative MIDI device.
this appears to be remarkably similar to a piece of nintendo ds homebrew called glitchds -
sounds like a rehashed version of dblueglitch, a useless plugin IMO.Hardly a tool for making detailed elctronica. Pity about th shitty demo as well. Maybe it can do more, but from what I can see, it's a piece of junk.
Also very similar to the Life controller in Reaktor, which has a smaller field but can still make some great unplannable beats. I can't imagine why the Tenori-On doesn't have a CA layer. Life is ideal for sequencing because once you become familiar with the rules you can create mini-loops from oscillating patterns. Or just use the all-time favourite r pentomino for extended evolving action (it's a capital L three block high, with an extra cell on the outside middle of the upright).
the stairstep hexomino is good too
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