Very pleasing video interviews with Adrian Utley from Portishead

Sonic State spent a long time talking to Adrian Utley from Portishead about their new album 'Third'. The album is tiresome, but the videos are lovely, Adrian and daughter in his nice house/studio (in Bristol?), talking about the fun of making music. Part 1, Part 2, Part 3. Shame they spelt his name wrong on the title card...

"The album is tiresome"


It's a masterpiece you mean surely?
I love the bit in the interview where the only justification he can come up with for making such a depressing record is that it was a bit rainy at the time.
great videos. . nice "little home studio." i thought that was it in the first video, but then he starts walking around in the middle of the 2nd video..


well they were never gonna make a happy album were they? :)
Every time I read someone else whining about the album, I fire it up and enjoy it thoroughly again. So, thanks. ;)
What's the keyboard he talks about in part 1? Seal Orchestra?
No it's a SIEL Orchestra although I'd quite like to hear a seal orchestra!
Darn, I thought I'd fixed that typo, I will and I am heading for my detention class now.

Glad you enjoyed them Adrian is a top chap.
It's reasonable to not like the record - but on the basis of being depressing? Tom, have you heard a Portishead record before?

I'm baffled.
looks like Bristol to me- somewhere around Kingsdown Parade possibly.
yes i'm slightly shocked too

tim whitehall king of blogtronica don't like portishead, i feel all sad and lonely :-(

nobody loves me ... etc
"How do you protect yourself?...'cus you get this sort of timewarp"

Yea, 10 years to make one album says it all really.
thank you so much for this!

what an articulate and approachable guy...
This is really great, thanks!

Can't really understand anyone not liking the album but never mind. :)
Go and read the Wire review...
Nice to see he experiences some of the same music-making constraints I do, e.g. trying to tweak a synth whilst looking after a small child!
re: the album, I'm torn. In my opinion it contains some of the best ever and worst ever Portishead tracks.
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