The twenty most popular Music Thing posts ever*

Just looking at my site stats (a rather depressing business, given how rarely I post these days) and realised I've never shared this list with you...
1. How the Mac startup sound was made
2. How the Microsoft startup sound was made
3. How the THX sound was made
4. The greatest beat making videos ever
5. Who is Esteban, and what's up with his guitars?
6. What are Daft Punk playing in their pyramid?
7. Sasha's new Ableton controller
8. New iPod does proper stereo recording (not sure I was right on this one...)
9. Dude releases his new album on NES cartridge
10. 10 guitars shaped like guns
11. Why do ice cream vans sound the way they do
12. Aphex Twin interview in Future Music
13. Blue Man group's musical toys
14. Italians build huge sub woofer tunnel
15. How the Intel Inside sound was made
16. Why is this electric guitar worth €2,500,000? Because it's made of pure cocaine
17. The worst music video ever
18. Learn to play guitar like a superdork
19. School band play Endtroducing with real instruments
20. 10 triple neck guitars
Not on the list is the most popular Music Thing spin-off, the Daft Punk Samples video, which has had 1.8 million views.
* Ever actually means 'since August 2006, when I started using Google Analytics'. The site started in August '04.
So, what does this all mean?

it means you should delete all those "runescape gold" spamshit comments from this top 20
Gah! You can't imagine how long I spend deleting Runescape Gold spam...
CAT PEE IN THE MICR- aww damn it.

oh well.

hey, you guys like replica handbags right? I'll throw in some free runscape gold....
Whoever chose those was wrong (and it's probably us, your readers!!)

The best Music Thing article I have ever seen is the one about why music is "sounding" the same, and the market research groups who pick what gets on the radio. I wish I could recall the name of it, I would love to memorize it!!

I always enjoy Music Thing, but more then just being a fun bit of info on some new product or some crazy cool artist, that article was thought provoking, sort of frightening, and made me more resolved to keep playing with my machines, and making sounds for the sheer joy of doing it.

By the way, there are no WORST articles here. And on the Internet, that's a rare gem of a sight!!
Ha Ha Ha
Esteban made it on the list.
best regards David Owen
The Bhajis Loops article introduced me to my best friend.

Also, what rev bucky said.
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