Omega Orion: analog synth as designed by Stanley Kubrick

Wow. This is the Orion Galaxy Omega 8, a new all-analog 8-voice poly synth from Studio Electronics. Well, the synth isn't completely new, it's an Omega 8 - the $4,600, 38lb mother of all modern analog synths - in a great looking new skin. Design is by boutique guitar amp builder Tim Caswell and someone called Antoine Argentieres, who seems to have no profile on the web at all, leading me to assume he's a pseudonym. No word on price yet, but expect it to be extra spendy with a £50 note on top.

love it. with hindsight Tom, i am glad i didnt pull the trigger on those 4 synclaviers on ebay so i can spend it on this space 1999 synth.
is that the eastern logo?
That totally reminds me of this painting
That's coole enough to start me buying synthesizers again.

Do you think they could get my old Fairlight CMI IIX in one of those cases?
It's not the Eastern logo, it's the Pan Am logo.
It'll cost $8,888. The Pan Am symbol was bought by Guilford Rail Systems in New England several years back, expect them to sue any minute.
Hot damn! I'd buy that sucker and make it live on my dining room table. No one would be allowed to take it off and few would be allowed to look or even touch it.

That thing looks like it has sex with itself to Vladislav Delay songs.
mount it on the wall and call it art :)
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