eBay of the day: Three Synclaviers on a Lincolnshire lawn

At dinner last week with Matrix, Dr Ben, FMass and Daniel P, the talk was of eBay item 190235556573: not one, not two, but three vast Synclavier systems. Three keyboards, six man-sized equipment racks, a very badly designed eBay auction and a starting price of £10,000. Fortunately, we didn't get drunk enough to bid. (Thanks, Chris)


Three of 'em.
Don't they have the same keyboards as the Sequential T8? Ooh, they'd make nice controller keyboards if they were just a little cheaper. And my studio was twice as big. And I'd taken complete leave of my senses. Oh I'm sorry, I'm a late 80s electronic musician who lusted after machines like this and the Fairlight CMI. Although frankly, now, they'd be nothing more than items mentioned in my divorce hearing if I were to buy one. Hom hum.
"Now used by such contemporary artists as Coldplay"

Because when I think Synclavier, I immediately think Coldplay.

Why on Earth would you write this? Is there a Coldplay fan out there, just searching for Coldplay-related items, who's going to buy 3 Synclaviers on a whim? Is there an old-timey academic synth geek out there, just teetering on the edge of buying this stuff, who's going to read that and be pushed over the edge?
flippin 'ell!

about a million quids worth back in the day...

oh how i dreamed of such delights as a adolescent monosynth tweaker with ideas of granduer...mind you got me that Wave 2.3 i always wanted :)
Because when I think Synclavier, I immediately think Coldplay.
Ha ha this potentially the funniest comment this year.
Hi all...

You might be interested in this ebay item as well....

E-MU Systems SP1200, final edition numbered 31 of 135

I have been the lucky owner of this for 10 years, and am now looking to pass on to a good home.

Please spread the word,


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