A dodgy review of a didgeridoo

A dodgy review of a didgeridoo: "She started yelling, talking over me, and saying that I was 'still paying for shipping!' Based on this phone call, she has serious anger management problem.". (Thanks, Michael)

I've never owned a idgeridoo, but I bought a rogue Moog Rogue once, it was missing a plug, and they were in vogue.
quiet week is it?
the internet also has porn, you know
It sounds more like a case of Digeridon't...

This complaint is dated from 2002!

Or is it 2006?

Somebody has to give her her digeridi-due.
sounds like a real digeri-duel
Seriously, what the hell has happened to Music Thing? The amount of posts has slowed to a crawl, and they're really just not that interesting now. This has happened over the past 12 months or so. This blog is really irrelevant now, which is a sad thing indeed. :(
Yes Matt C, it sucks. This is what's been keeping me busy.
The penny drops. Congrats on a successful 'proper' job :-)
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