Design inspiration behind the Omega Orion?

Andrew points out the similarity between the beautiful new Studio Electronics Omega Orion polyphonic mega synth and Chris Reccardi's wonderful painting "How about fiddling with these knobs for a change, Aldo Cosmo?" How about a super-hot spenderific keyboard version, chaps?

Hmm.. The painting looks a bit like the infamous Copeland synth...
Design inspiration behind the Omega Orion: APPLE.
If thing thing had a keys version it would look like that Timbaland TSE edition computer in a controller synth thingamajig.
That's the first thing i thought of when i saw the Omega Orion. I think it had to have had something to do with it. I mean what synth nerd doesn't dream that he was the guy in that painting? Come on!
Thought the same thing also Tom! I love this guy's stuff... they are regularly used as desktop backgrounds...
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