Awesome photos of labs at night

It's nothing to do with music, but I feel certain you'll enjoy Seed magazine's Labs at night series. Above - the control room of the Stanford Linear Accelerator Center. Not a blue LED in sight... (via Kottke)

but none of them inspire me the way a 1960s/70s analogue synth studio does... well ok, maybe the one with the fishes but hey they are probably mutant radioactive fishes...
fun photography trick my friend and I found on accident (and probably what they did for a few of these shots)...

with all of your regular lights off (total darkness) and all of your equipment LEDs on, take the photo using a very long exposure (3-4 seconds or so)... and flick the regular lights on once or twice for a split second during the shot

the photo will come out as if you took it with the regular lights on except all your equipment LEDs will be super-bright and LCDs will look radioactive :)
I really had to turn on the Forbidden Planet soundtrack for background music as I looked at this.

Long live the Barons!
well.,.we found the dopplereffekt studio.
I thought for one horrible moment it was Behringer's R&D centre, but then I realized that there was no photocopier in the room
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