Analog VU meters spotted on new Samsung TL9 camera

Nice to see enthusiasm for VU Meters and analog controls spreading to consumer goods, with this unlikely-looking Samsung TL9 camera, which has dials (more automotive than recording console, unfortunately) for battery life and memory capacity. Strange that they'd photograph the thing with a flat battery. While we're on the subject, here's a VU Meter in a Favicon. (Via Engadget)

Pfft. Check out the Epson R-D1 rangefinder camera. For photo wogs, it also had a film-advance lever... EVEN THOUGH IT HAS NO FILM!
I'm sorry but the meters on the camera are not V.U. V.U. is the abbreviation for Volume Unit, which is closely related to the decibel (dB). The Volume Unit was originated by Bell Labs and refers to audio only.

What is on the camera are analog meters and nothing more.
No, no... E means 'Enough'

F means 'fuck, I need to go buy some batteries'
cool, you can almost forget it's just another crappy-plastic-soon-to-be-obsolete-compact-digi-cam...
... Samsung will rule the world in about ten years- they will conquer just by the sheer quantity of their innovations- and the NV cameras are all metal, well-made and ONE TENTH the price of the Epson
Ummm, yep, sure Prof. Batty - Samsung cams look cool, but they take crap photos, as anyone who reads the reviews will know! I sure as hell hope they don't rule the world in 10 years.....
... perhaps if one would actually take a picture with one rather than read a review? Just saying...
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