Music Thing music gear jumble sale

'Studio' clear out time...
1. DSI Evolver desktop with v3 firmware (And it's signed by Dave Smith!) £200
2. Ghetto studio monitor setup: Pair of Acoustic Energy AE200 passive monitors (Reviewed here in Sound on Sound) + Cambridge Audio A500 amp + chunky cable (there's a CD player too, if you want it). £100

3. EMU 1820m PCI audio interface, inc Audiodock, rack shelf, all the bits and pieces. Fantastic, rock solid interface if you can use PCI. Vista drivers are available. Reviewed in Sound on Sound. £100
4. Epiphone LP Junior, 'vintage sunburst' £100
5. 1GB PC2-6400 Ram for a 2008 iMac £20 (inc postage)
6. 1 x 17" and 1 x 15" LCD monitors. £25 for the 17, the 15 goes free to a good home.
7. Pentium 4 3ghz PC. Good case, 1gb ram, Zalman CPU fan, quiet PSU, chequered history, NO HARD DRIVE. Free to a good home.

I'll ship items 1 and 5 to UK addresses. Everything else is initially collection only from South East London. Email if you're interested. Bigger pictures on Flickr.

So, one must inquire - why are you unloading the Evolver? Not enough fun?
Want to get a MEK, if I can get the cash together...
i wish i could get in on the used item goodness, start shipping to the US
... and to France :)
boooo ship to the US :)
good blog I,m Spanish
just emailed you re: the pc
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