Raymond Scott documentary: 'On to something'

Raymond Scott's son Stan Warnow is making a documentary about his father's live, and it looks wonderful. The Raymond Scott Documentary will be called 'On to something', although my favourite line is: "Putting notes together is fun". (Via Matrix Synth)

Amazing! Thanks for posting this! I listen to Raymond Scott every day to and from work.

I hope the documentary shows the recording equipment he used as well as the synths themselves. I always wanted to know if the songs went straight to tape and/or into an amp which was miked. I love that warm sound from the Nescafe commercial.

"The Tomorrow People"
wow that really does look wonderful.
Tom you have a high rate of quality on music thing... unlike certain other music tech blogs I could mention ;)
Raymond Scott was one of the few people I consider a hero. He did what he did because he had to and we have all benifited from it.

I think he is probably the musician who everybody knows some of his music, but very few know his name. If you have seen more then one Warner Bros. cartoon, you know his music, and that's thanks to another underknown genius Carl Stalling.

I really am hopeful that their are lot's of Raymond Scotts studio shots. I have (happy) dreams of someday being in such a place, with lot's of whirring and clicking and buzzing around me.

THANX, looking forward to this film.
"He did what he did because he had to".

I love that RS made a shedload of money from a mainstream, mass-market TV show, and invested it all in the most awesome basement studio the world has ever seen.

Truly an inspiration to us all!
can anyone id the song (snippit) starting about 3:44

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