N-Tune = a tuner built into a volume knob

I've never had a problem tuning guitars. I own a simple £15 tuner and use that. But people love solving the problem, over and over again, whether it's the Korg Pitchjack, or the (now heavily reduced) String Master 'Robotic' Guitar Tuner. Now the N-Tune is a $70 DIY kit to add a tuner with a ring of LEDs which sits underneath the volume knob on your guitar. There's a Fender version and a Gibson version, and they both come with a few coloured rings to match to your guitar. Or you could use a little pedal or whatnot...

Love the guy doing the demo video.
The Monster from Mill Creek aka The Rocket Man. Oh dear....
i've never had a problem tuning up either, my run of the mill korg ca-30 has served me well for the past eight years or so.
that said, this thing is pretty rad.
never had a problem with a gold ol' Boss TU-2.
The only thing this tuner has over all others is that you don't have to spend time looking for a tuner.

HMMM.. I was sure I packed it...

This is completely eliminated, because if you don't have your tuner, you don't have anything to tune anyway!!
I like my strobe pick (much more accurate and inherently more responsive than a digital tuner, and very packable) but I have to say this seems pretty appealing.
Oh, though the FAQ leads me to believe that it won't work so well with my Epiphone semi-hollow-body.
Don't forget the Gibson Robot Guitar!

I love the quote from the String Master website: "This guitar tuner is revolutionary in the fact that anyone can tune their quitar regardless of skill level, and be in perfect tune every time."

Right. Because tuning to an electronic tuner requires so much skill.
I saw these at the London Guitar Show but my immediate reaction was that I wouldn't want to spoil the appearance of my Strats with these.
Another rad thing about this N-Tune is it works for basses. I have it on 3 of my basses all 5 strings.
Works killer.
Hi Everyone, I work at N-Tune actually I started the company. I don't know if it is good form for a manufacturer to post or not? I hope it is ok. I was surfing around and saw these posts so I thought I would check and see if anyone had any questions about N-Tune or just tuning in general.
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