International Noise Conference: the best band names in the world

The International Noise Conference has an admirable manifesto: "15 minutes or less per act / no lap tops / no mixers / no droning" and the acts on their recently finished US tour have the best band names I've ever seen. They're coming to Japan/Korea in September, and Europe in April 2009, so you've got time to get a set together. (via Sendling)

Here's a Vice magazine article about the guy behind the INC:
haaaahahahahaha!!! 200yearoldwolfpussy...

that rocks!
Actually sounds like the worst band names ever...
Here's one like that, that isn't there: Afghanistan Banana Stand.
Afghanistan Banana Stand is from the 1972 movie "The Hot Rock" with Robert Redford.

Try something more original..
My Band played at the International Noise Conference when it stopped at the Nightlight in Chapel Hill, NC, April 29th. We played as our sideproject power electronics harsh noise group, "Lord Satisfaction", and started the show out with high energy and violence. I can link the poster..
What amuses me about this one - Dickhearse discourse on Dickhorse [Portland] - is that they've qualified it with Portland on the end, as if they don't want you to confuse this band with any other bands called Dickhearse discourse on Dickhorse.
mixers and drones are equally as good as no mixers and no drones . sounds like theres some "issues" about.
Unicorn hard-on FTW
Not to be a dick or anything, but I'm pretty sure my band has the greatest name ever, Other People. And I'm not being egotistical because I didn't come up with the name.
right, I could see prohibiting the gear one brings on stage, but "no drones?" what qualifies? and what happens to those who commit this heinous act? sudden fade out on the PA, shunned for the rest of the night.

unenforceable pedantry.
It's no drones, because otherwise you'd have some boring shoegaze noise-wannabe guy making ambient drones, and these shows are supposed to be about high energy and aggression. At least that's what we thought we were supposed to do. Nothing's worse than a room full of people standing around with their arms folded "listening intently", fuck that, people should be going nuts and hitting each other to high frequencies and yelling.
when i went to the site i totally read it as no drowning, which would be a much better rule.
Nothing beats Japanese band names:

greatest band name ever = "Stupid Babies Go Mad"
wi_ngo ; I have played with unicorn hard-on. Her music....I honestly dont know why anyone in detroit has not snatched her up and made her famous.

Her electribe voodoo is droney, synthey, and very spooky.

I know other local musicians who play at the miami INC. wolf eyes??? nothing to do with aaron dilloway?

Cue *sound of 'Wire' hacks scrabbling for their notebooks*
Venereal Sandwich? Jesus...

I don't even know what to say about the mental images that go along with that one.
Actually, I think "Venereal Sandwich? Jesus..." is much better.
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