Gravis Soundcheck flip-flops "inspired by recording studios"

Yes, these Gravis Soundcheck flip flops are supposed to look like acoustic foam. Shame they're not actually made of old egg boxes, with a chap from Sound on Sound explaining why they don't really work. I couldn't find a picture, but Paul Smith make a business suit with a mixing desk printed all over the lining - the same print used on this bag. Got any even lamer clothing inspired by studio gear? (Eventide t-shirts not included...)

i think the "studio inspired" bit is marketing copy.

there's quite a few egg shell style flip flops and sandals in all the shops right now. i think it's just "next big thing" hype for the summer season.
i love this blog! keep up good works...its to be nice if we can know each other, do you think so?
I have one of these ties...
Inevitably, someone will come up with the "low cost" version of these flip-flops, which will be your regular shoes with egg cartons stapled to the bottom...
the low cost copies will be "behringer for h&m" then? :-D
The funniest part is, the bag costs almost as much as the mixer on it (it's a Mackie VLZ). You'd think they could have at the very least used an Allen & Heath, if not some sort of Soundcraft or Neve. I'm kind of confused, though - did anyone else notice the channels in the right picture are numbered 14-10-11?

Flip flops are evil.
its a pity they used a crap mackie mixer. what an ugly runt bit of kit

shld have used neve
makers of the "T-Qualizer" which is a t-shirt with a built in electro-luminescent graphical eq display.
(Although looking at it I think it actually has a resolution of one band)
i agree w/everyone else here.. they go through all the trouble of printing a mixer on a bag and they use a f-ing mackie??? how about a neve or something vintage and cool looking instead of that grey box of knobs.
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