Wow. A Chimera BC16 has arrived.

Ben from Chimera Synthesis just popped round with one of the first production batch of BC16 mini synths. I'll write more in a few days, but first thoughts: It looks incredible. It's tiny (exactly the same size as a CD) and heavy, made from three slices of computer-carved white plexiglass bolted together with 7 hex bolts. It feels extremely robust (the patch leads are as sturdy as any tiny silicone cable with gold-plated plugs on each end can be). It excels at making VCS3-style strange noises. This isn't a bedroom operation with one guy and a soldering iron - these things are made (by machine and hand) in a factory. There have been lots of delays in shipping the first batches, and many unhappy early buyers still waiting. If they get that sorted out and these things are reliable, then I'd be hard pressed to think of a better way for a music geek to spend £136. More: My Chimera BC16 pics on Flickr, and previously on Music Thing.

we demand to hear some example silly noises.

the traditional youtube video of atonal bleeps would suffice. Points deducted for camcorder mic though.
I'm already wondering about their ph303 synth.

The bc16 has a digital vco but analogue filter. Seems very interesting.
This is fantastic news! I ordered one as soon as I saw the videos, knowing full well that it was still sort of 'vaporeware', if you will, and that I could just be throwing my cash away.

I still have yet to receive any word from them about shipping or anything, but it's good to know it is a truly existing object that is well made, and as cool as it looks.

Yes - sounds samples, please!!
I'm sure it's a fine product but I still can get past the fact that it looks way too much like the TechnoMage LIFE.
i ordered mine last december, still havent gotten it yet. still holding out hope that i might actually get one someday....
Not to be too cynical, but is this the one that he played in the video?
You say this guy just "popped round"? I remember one of you MS guys is from Bristol... does that mean that the Chimera dudes are in Bristol too? If so, I might have to get onto them about just coming over and picking one up. hehe.
"Not to be too cynical, but is this the one that he played in the video?"

I doubt it, he didn't seem to mind leaving it behind... (I did pay for it, BTW)

"You say this guy just "popped round"? I remember one of you MS guys is from Bristol..."

No, I'm in South London - Chimera dudes are in home counties somewhere.

My main problem at the moment is that it eats batteries. I bought a pile of the world's worst AAA batteries (24 for £1!). Surprisingly, they're so feeble you can see the voltage dropping on a multimeter... They powered this thing for 5 minutes. Time to buy some proper ones.
I ordered mine about the same time as you did Tom, not got it yet, but then I don't have a high profile music blog :p

BC if you're reading this sort it out mate.
Fair point, Daren. I don't suppose you'll get yours hand delivered, either.
LOL, I guess not :)

Nice demo BTW, making me even more anxious to get my hands on mine (BC16 that is)
the first production batch..?

Might leave it a couple of months before placing an order then.

Good to see and hear that these synths do exist though.
Seems like they really oughtta allow the use of a power adapter. Seriously.

And they need a logo / product name on the thing! I'll do it for a freebie. Hee haw! Art whoring is fun.
Hey Dave,
you need to go over the tech-specs again. It DOES allow the use of a power adaptor.

I guess tom is testing batteries to make use of the extreme-portability-ness of it.
Just ordered mine. He said it will be three weeks and I hope that's accurate! Can't wait to play with it.
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