Boring survey: Is Music Thing working OK technically?

Keith writes: "Hi, I've been reading your blog for years now and took a break from the internet for about 10-12 months. I'm back on and I noticed you've redesigned the page but it loads really slow and crashes Internet Explorer for me every time. Firefox loads it fine but, again, really slowly."


Based on the first handful of results, just over 10% are complaining of slow loading. I've cut the number of posts on the homepage from 20 to 10. Might also move that huge Google map. A couple of people asked whether the ads make any money. The Google ones make a bit (about £4k a year, hopefully) but the others are struggling to pay their way, so I'll look again at them. Thanks, by the way, for all the compliments.

That's quicker now and the browser isn't crashing any more, but text is still vanishing on the right-hand side of your posts.
In Firefox it's all looking good.
You made a right move by cutting the number of posts at the homepage.
Works great with fewer posts on the main page, but I would recommend putting a 'back' button, so I can look at slightly old posts easily.
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