Squarewave Parade: Fine boutique gear you can actually buy

I'm always talking about my name and citysake Tom Bugs, but his cool stuff always sells out within hours of being announced. Meanwhile, Squarewave Parade have a shop full of cool-looking things, like the Safeplace - a $59 handmade metal shaker with a contact mic inside it and a tone control on the outside, the Mole - a $229 filter based on the MS20, Downgrade - an analog pseudo bit reducer and Parade - a $44 kit with a circuit board and various pots, which is six squarewave oscillators to tweak together.

What the tremendous gadgets!
I want a "drench" module, which is a kit you can use to add RESO and CUTOFF to anything!

It's just what I always wanted - a magic circuit that let's me add the best bit of a 303 to any circuit! :)

I like the whole "parasite module" concept actually, it sits somewhere between modular synth DIY and circuit bending. Would make it very easy to mod various synths and FX units.
argh, why do you mock me?! they already sold out of the shaker (they only made 10).
I really hope someday to find a true Bitcrusher pedal.. I have many bitcrusher VSTs.. but I just can't find a pedal sized one. The closest I have found only decimate the frequencies, which is nice, but I'd love a real bitcrusher pedal (not a weird fuzz branded as a bitcrusher).

Is it because this effect is not analog at all that its so rare?
No audio samples
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Isn't the guy who makes these in A Place to Bury Strangers? I saw 'em once, they caused an electrical failure half way through there set. Lets hope the pretty boxes are more reliable :)

I'm fairly handy with electronics and I had the idea a while back to make a bit crusher pedal. I even bought the parts to start working up a prototype but unfortunately life got in the way and I never got around to it. Maybe I'll give it another go, and maybe throw an LP VCF on the output with one of these SSM2044 ICs I have sitting around here for good measure!
I had the opportunity to see a show/presentation with Tom Bugs and his gear here in Malmö Sweden a year ago. He was the coolest of 'em all. Strictly mandatory if he's coming to your town/city/plane/universe/fluff.

/Palindroner a.k.a Jens from Malmö
Bitcrusher sounds like a wave in a trash compactor
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