Next up: The Chimera SM16 cute, patchable sequencer

With the BC16 mini synth shipping (probably - has anyone else got one?) here are the first pictures of the follow up - Chimera's SM16 sequencer, taken from a PDF factsheet on the Chimera Synthesis site. It has a tonne of features - CV & Midi outs, 16 steps or 2x8 steps, Midi sync/control. And it looks great. It certainly didn't ship on 31st March, as the PDF claims, but it should ship sometime, and it's £136. It would be nice if Chimera could deliver existing orders rather than developing new products... although, when I met him, Ben also told me more about the ph303 bassline synth, which has the most bonkers-sounding hardware interface I've ever heard of - not just knobs in a funny shape, but something completely different. Lets hope it appears sometime.

"It would be nice if Chimera could deliver existing orders rather than developing new products..."

to be fair though, there is an awful lot of waiting involved in hardware manufacturing, so they may as well fill their time productively...

wish mine was here though.
I ordered my BC16 pretty much at the same time you (Tom) did, and not a peep out of them yet. Ben did say at the point where I ordered that it'd be 2-3 weeks, though, which means it could be the 29th before it ships.
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