New from Goldbaby: Vintage drum machines on tape

Goldbaby, the New Zealand retro perfectionists behind the Tape 808 sample set, just released Tape Drum Machines Volume 1, with a bunch of fantastically kitsch vintage gear like MPC's The Kit, Companion's Four In The Floor and the very cute Yamaha MR-10. All of these are then recorded on four different vintage reel-to-reel machines and sampled. For $24. If you're too cheap, the free samples page has a lot of goodness.

Quality samples as usual!
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I have most of the Goldbaby's at this point and they are an excellent product at a great price...definitely nail both the machines AND tape' phatness' vibe.
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You sure are getting some spam. The four on the floor link isn't working. I'd really like to know more.
I hired the "Four On The Floor" drum machine from a collector... He didn't know much about it either. All I know is it is Analog and you play it with your feet... Sounds great too! I have some photo's of it... on the Tape drum Machine product page...

I would like to make boy and girl friends that are Indian! I would like to make them build me cheap drum machines and an electronic tabla that smells like jasmine!
got a really wacky old mpc drum computer that sits in a suitcase here.never seen one mentioned before. looks older than the ones pictured. is it valuable in some way? like the thing meself. sometimes use it.
would sample it up and post if enough peeps interested.
Rolo - go for it!
sounds interesting
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