How good is your 'visual music intelligence'?

Remember Jake Mandell, the musician, medical student and Flash developer who created the Am I Tone Deaf? test? He's back with a new test to see how well you can relate sounds to shapes: "It attempts to measure one's ability to associate musical phrases with abstract shapes and symbols." Incredibly, I got 93%. How about you?
Since the Tone Deaf test, Jake has also done an Adaptive Pitch Test, and a Rhythm Test, which really tests musical memory - my sense of rhythm is abysmal, and I still got 83%. (Picture: Rodolfo Chikilicuatre)


i'm unsure how he came up w/ those middle two since i got 20/20, unless it keeps track of how much you replay the phrase. fun test though.
I can't even tell a note. How could I even relate the sound to a shape? I don't know how a circle sounds.
"perrea perrea..."

Bloody chiki chiki.
This is the last place on the internet where i would've expected to find a photo of this guy.
Thanks, now I see the invasion is complete.
I'm going to check some other blog for suicide methods.
How did this guy come up with the statistics for this? I scored 100% right off the bat and it struck me as to easy.
The same for me. I scored 100% and don't believe I'm exceptional at this kind of test.
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