Gah! Someone just gave away a Yamaha CS-80 and a Minimoog on Freecycle London

This could be a wind up, but it has a terrible ring of truth to it...
"Offered. NW London music equipment (old but good) + other 80's stuff I am moving across the pond shortly, therefore need to get rid of quite a bit of equipment suitable for budding musicans who do not mind if the stuff is quite old. I'm not too sure if anyone wants this antiqueted stuff... quite bashed yamaha CS-80 (though in need of a bit of restoration it works)minimoog, which seems better preserved, a full size cello case... " (Thanks, Tim)

Craigslist occasionally has odd-smelling posts such as this, presumably by griefers to fish out aholes that'd offer next to nothing for some pensioners '58 Telecaster. But for some reason, the one posted here seems to ring true. Hopefully the cat's well off and has a healthy "easy come, easy go" attitude if so -and better if it went to a deserving school rather than some random synth collector shut-in, etc.

Regardless, please don't let this derail into another boring "I got a Moog System 55 for $4 at a lab clearance sale blah blah" apocryphal thread.
I tried to get these (obviously), but was pipped by people with faster reactions and more free time (I couldn't visit the guy the evening the ad landed 'cos i have deadlines to meet).

He indulged me in several to-and-fro mails, seemed genuine throughout and was really surprised he got so many interested parties. Most odd, but good luck to him and the folks who got the goodies. Freecycle is a gem :-)

Man, how I want a minimoog and a cs80!!!
I did point out that both the synths were worth quite a lot of money to him (but I also fancied a rummage through whatever other goodies were there)

this is the reply I got:

"sorry, someone is coming round to have a look at whats here this evening, i will let you know if those items are still here. responce has been amazing! if i'd have known how sought after this stuff was id have sold it ages ago, now theres just not enough time and i cant drag it stateside with me, so yup its all got to go"

seemed genuine to me, it seems like there's a very lucky person or two out there.
"I'm not too sure if anyone wants this antiqueted stuff..."
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