What's the best thing about the amazing Hobnox audio demo?

There are many reasons to love and be excited be Andre Michelle's Hobnox AudioTool Demo. Many of them were explained by Peter at CDM when he covered the Beta a month ago. My favourite feature? If you don't touch it for a while, the lights go out, leaving the LEDs twinkling in the twilight. In case you haven't seen it, it's the first teaser for a modular Reason-style music environment, working entirely in Flash in your browser. At the moment there are 2x303s, 1x909, 8xstompboxes and a mixer. An 808 will be along in a few weeks, and then interesting things will no doubt start to happen. Love the way it can be enhanced and tweaked constantly - there's no monlithic application to download. There's a nice discussion of the merits of luxurious 3D interfaces over at Analog Industries, where Chris has announced Dubstation 1.5, which looks beautiful: Commenter Tom: "IMO could have done without the fake jacks and 'table top' background" Designer Chris: "Those jacks aren't fake."

now my nights will be sleepless...
BUT nice...
the best thing about it is ... it reminds me of when propellerheads brought out Rebirth and everyone said - "hey, look what computers can do!"

That was the start of the softsynth revolution. This is like the start of 'phase 2', or something
It looks absolutely smashing. It's just too bad developers haven't realized that, what, 12 years after we were told it would be running everything from our toasters to our web servers soon, Java redefines failure each day. I am getting its "CLIPPING" indicator to light up without the faintest hint of audio.
Sophia, it isn't java - it's Flash.
@ simulated person. Sophia is correct! The audio engine is running in Java behind a Flash front end. Read about the Flash audio engine on the AudioTool site for an explanation.
I would blame it more on Flash than Java. It wouldn't even run on my Firefox. I had to use Safari.

Java is much more stable and reliable, if you have it installed(by default on Macs;). You have to have Java installed, window users.

I don't like the idea it is in Flash. It's resource heavy.

Java is wonderful. There is a reason it is built on the Java audio engine. Try running Flash on your phone.
hey there - we love flash and were just using
java beacause we found some problems in the actual flash version. And with our site http://www.make-some-noise.info/ We address two issues: The general lack of sound manipulation features in Flash and more urgent the current unstability of the SOUND_COMPLETE event, which is the base for a lot of workarounds.
so lets wait and see if adobe shows some reaction...big thanks to all for your feedback !!!
Hey man -

My name is Ryan and I work for Hobnox. Thanks so much for the write up, we're all really pumped about the Audiotool. Let me know if you want a private beta pass.

Thats very nice blogs.......
Just a quick note that we just rolled out an update of the Hobnox Audiotool. As promised the TR808 is now online, along with two new stompboxes (Compressor and Bitcrusher) and some enhanced functions. Saving is still not possible yet, we’re working hard to make it happen for the next update.
More infos here: http://tinyurl.com/68wgvb
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