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In case you haven't seen it yet, Muxtape is a wonderful, ultra-simple, fairly illegal mixtape-sharing site. Upload 12 mp3s, arrange them, pick a header colour and thy're there for the world to stream. There's no easier way to share you music (or anyone else's.) My 'spring is here, haul the barbecue up from the cellar' mix is at musicthing.muxtape.com. Where's yours?

Nice mix, variety is the spice of, er, something.

here's mine Pop Is Not Dead
thanks for the tape! mine is teledyn.muxtape.com but how do you get it to stream? Mine just sits there doing nothing.

And all the MP3s are being served off amazonaws.com???
I like the site a lot.
here's my mix: http://diskgolf.muxtape.com/
Cool idea, can see it being shut down pretty damn quick 'though, what with being able to d/download the tracks and all.

shutdown ... or skyrocket! I could see this thing being toyed with by the RIAA types because it is pretty geeky and therefore pretty fringe, it's awkward and tedious to use and it is MP3s, not FLACs (threatens iTunes more than it does the CD industry) but because of all that it does really bias itself to back-catalog material, and because it is not whole albums (which is forbidden) it is like those sampler-discs the record stores used to give away in vinyl days (do they still? I haven't seriously been inside a CD store yet)

So this experiment could turn out to be very useful to them. The tracking data, the viral possibilities, the opportunity to break into the lucrative blogger/Facebook market (if Muxtape makes a widget app), it could be very good for them while, being arms-distance, saves their face from the embarrassment of admitting their prior misperception about song-sharing! :)

One can hope ...
and then again ... we don't actually know who 'Muxtape' is, do we? Could they be trolls from the RIAA legal department, luring in unsuspecting enthusiasts, phishing for law-suit fodder?

Just a thought ...
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