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During the redesign, I lost the old list of MT contributors and friends. Here's an updated version. Video Thing, Retro Thing, Boing Boing Gadgets, Engadget, Gizmodo, MAKE Magazine, Ektopia, Pixel Sumo, Hispasonic, Guitar Blog, Acetone, Vintage Synth Explorer, Harmony Central, Audio Porn Central, Rubadub, No Rock'n'Roll Fun, Sound on Sound, Analogue Haven, Little Steven, Radio Nova, Paris, Tigersushi, Mikey, Gareth, Kati Lopez, Floppyswop, Tommy Walker III, Fabio, Peter K, Peter T, Ben, Steve, Dr Bing Klazenby, Brandon, Mark, David Owen, Kate, Olli, Housepig, Neil, Jason Theremin, Scott, Wiley, Jun, Kevin, Eddy, Eric, Tyler, Daniel, Sabastian, Alex T, Brandon M, Chris, Dave, Drew, Inverse Room, JB, Jens from Malmö, Awakened_Yeti, Jason M, cemenTIMental, Michael M, Corky, Ortho, Niall, Jona B, Doktor Future, Chris Thorpe, Matt E, Brian K, Nick C-C, Randel, Raymond S, Reevo, Peter S, Tim D, Andy H, Fabio M, Frank, Michael O, Peter K, Phillip T, Rithie, Michel W

Ha Ha, I'm still there.
Best wishes for new design, it looks great.
David owen
Whew. Glad to know you still love us. The new design is great, by the way.
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