Music Thing gets a fresh coat of paint*

If you're a regular reader, you probably read Music Thing through the RSS Feed and rarely ever see the site itself. If you do pop in, you'll see a few cosmetic changes - hopefully a lot more space and less clutter. Any feedback is welcome, particularly if you can work out how to get the Google Gadget (bottom of the middle column) to display reliably - it should pull in headlines from other fine music blogs. If you use iGoogle, you can get the music gear blogs gadget yourself. (Thanks to Peter, David & Michael for pre-launch feedback) *Actually, it's mainly css and really crude javascript.

I love the new look
its fresh and clean

keep up the good work!
Wahh, you got rid of the Music Thing Massive list. :o(

Unless I can't find it...
Yes, sorry, the massive list has gone, because it was just too massive . Maybe I'll post it up again, so it's not lost for all time
Hi, kool new look.

Maybe I can help with displaying news from other gear blogs:

1. First you should create a "mixed RSS feed" with with the blogs you want to show. Try , is very simple and quick.

2. Once you've cooked your new feed, just use Blogger's "Feed" page element to serve it to your guests.

You'll shure have no problem.

Just keep it up.
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