From the maker of MidiGun comes the Midi Parasite

Remeber the MidiGun? It was a camp flouro plastic gun with knobs on it for controlling DJ software. Well, Swindon-based guitarist Stuart Rowe was so inspired, he commissioned Christopher Bauder, who build the MidiGun, to build him the Midi Parasite. I'm not entirely sure how it works - it clips onto his Telecaster behind the bridge, and has various knobs and switches to control Guitar Rig and Ableton Live, and it has some kind of laser theremin setup. It doesn't seem to take any midi data from the guitar itself. More details in the 'Interfaces' section of White Void (enjoy the bonkers 3D navigation) and in the White Void flickr set.

Can't we stop calling any circuit with a laser range-finder or a photoresistor a 'theremin'?
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