Echo Nest: the amazing website that can understand music

Here's a technology in search of a killer app: Echo Nest is a web service. Send it an MP3, and it will send back a 800k XML file containing details about the track, from it's basic BPM to it's detailed structure, melodic content and dynamic range. You get timecodes for the start of each beat (or 'tatum'), then details of the loudness, pitch etc of each 'tatum'. Among other things, you could use the data to automatically chop a track into perfect loops.
It seems like a phenomenally powerful tool, but so far Echonest don't have many ideas what to actually do with it. Their first showcase is This is my Jam, a lame-ish widget to create automated beatmixes with predictable results (Tiesto to Tiesto = Good. Sabbath to Sinatra = Bad). For me, the first sign of real magic is The Jingler - a little novelty Christmas site coded in 12 hours last year. Using the API, it picks hitpoints and overdubs sleigh bells playing perfectly in time onto any song you upload. It's pointless but really clever. If you want to experiment with the system, you'll need to navigate their baffling site and apply for an API key. If you come up with anything cool, do let me know... (Image is 'Black in Black' through Adam Glazier's Echo Nest visualiser)

Some first-thought ideas:

1) a mash-up with muxtape could

a) recommend an optimum playlist order
b) find other 'similar' muxtapes

2) taxonomy charts for versions of the same tune; could be abused as a tool for digging out copyright enfringing George Harrison songs.

3) neuroscience research to correlate modulations in metrics to perceptual qualia. haven't a clue what that might mean other than a sure shot at some grad-school funding.

4) here's what I'd do, given the time: write an Echo-Nest-to-MIDI re-encoder that lets you mash up one metric to crossmap with another. No reason, just a dip.

5) related to (4), you could out-Cage John Cage and reproduce endless new "Cheap Imitation" scores based on arbitrary Grammy winning metric patterns.
Jingler doesn't seem to work with tunes in odd time signatures. I tried plugging in a tune in 9/8 and it just didn't sync up.
tom: can you tell us what was baffling about the site? We're always working on everything and could use some concrete feedback. And you'll be seeing a lot of useful and non-lame applications of the audio API in the near future by both us and many excited developers and partners.
are the heads at the music genome project hip to this?
Tiesto to Tiesto = Good.

I don't think that could ever be described as "Good"

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