Bass Merchant: How long did they look at that logo before approving it?

It's bad form to mock the advertisers (or bass players), but... seriously.

Oooooh you hurt my eyes! ø_ø
Agreed this is a Bass-clef, but the other reference is a 'F Clef'

So the first thing I read is:
Fass Merchant...

'ass merchant' totally shouts at me as soon as I see it..

Maybe I've been watching too many of those 'special' films on the 'Internet'
Hee hee

Hey ,This is my logo you buggers !!
I took the dots out cause it looked funny and I did see the possibility it could be read Ass ,I must have been watching too many of those special films as well Mickey :-)))

Still - made you look .......etc etc

C ya
The (B)(F)ass Merchant
"ass merchant"

Totally hilarious!

Reminded me of Seinfeld's the "Ass Man"
or possibly 'gass merchant'?
I Should've know that no bassplayer knows anything about musictheory :)

It's an F-cleff

removing the dots make it look more like .... nothing...

Ass- merchant it is!
nice ass, or rather, phat bottom.
a friend of mine once had a ghettoblaster which, after a bit of paint scratching, had a 'mega ass' function
Donkey merchant?
nothing like free publicity ;)
pu-C Minor :)
we used to have Assmann dictation machines in our office...
oops! didn't think that one through too well did they?
(b)(f)ass merchant

maybe its meant to be BIG FAT ASS MERCHANT
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