This is your brain on jazz

"Scientists... have found that, when jazz musicians are engaged in the highly creative and spontaneous activity known as improvisation, a large region of the brain involved in monitoring one’s performance is shut down, while a small region involved in organizing self-initiated thoughts and behaviors is highly activated. - Here's the full report on Prefontal cortex and improvisation. I'm sure Teo Macero, who edited Miles Davis' jams into something worth listening to, would have been fascinated. (via CDM via J_Chot)

Great experiment. I have had an fMRI done and it was real simple using word recongition and stuff like that.
Off topic....
I pray to God on my hands and knees tonight after messing with an M-audio product trying to get it to work for my whole evening , that they along with their tech support ppl be sodomized in hell forever for having such crappy incompatible drivers.

Write some drivers that work a**holes! You wont listen when emailed and your numbnut tech support is a joke! Maybe you'll get the hint if enough ppl bitch on the most read blogs where beginners who dont know how f**ked up your products are turn to members for advice. I say ya get what ya pay aint good and good aint cheap!!! But guess what, with M-audio the product might not only act poorly you may have to upgrade the f+ck out of your lappy because someone dont know how to write good drivers... All the money your GONNA spend to finally get the thing to work, you can get yourself a TC konnekt, or a Liquid mix..both come with REAL software.., really good reverbs, EQ, and compression, not no BS trial ware.


Get on the f+ckin ball with them drivers you scrubs...
Cool.Good post.I like this blog.
I totally stole it from create digital music, credit them too plz.
the bit about switching off the part of your brain involved in monitoring your own performance is in keeping with captain beefheart's rule for guitarists that "if you're guilty of thinking, you're out"

and there i was thinking he's a madman :-)
What about your brain on rock? What about the brain on classical -
Bach, Beethoven, Hovanis, or Copeland. Jazz is way too much like elevator muzak or the noise of cheap instruments played by no one with a particular talent. Not
to be insulting or anything, but
barbershop quartet singing is definitly aspirin time, aka worse
than jazz. What about the brain on
folk guitar? Jazz, I don't want
to deal with.
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