Sampling a Fisher Price Music Box Record Player

A pleasant evening at Music Thing towers, spent fixing up and sampling this ancient Fisher Price record player from my parent's attic. The Swiss-made music box mechanism was rusted solid and the tiny clockwork motor doesn't really give enough juice to push the records round at the right speed, but a generous application of 3-in-1 got the music box part working well enough to sample a few notes. This Fisher Price Sample Pack at Freesound is just random notes, motor noise and winding sounds, but it works well enough mapped out across the MPC... Previously on Freesound: Spring Reverb and Cracklebox samples.

sample 4 sounds like an 808 cb.
awesome :)

by the way, we're starting work on the next version of freesound (named nightingale) in a while. I set up a (rather techy!) blog about development and other things freesound over at:
attention: musicians, music producers, band managers, people in the music industry, people who wanna be in the music industry, and people who just give a fuck...the ASCAP Expo is coming up April 10-12th. Check it outttt.

sweet, ty..the sounds..
nice blog and good content. hope you nice day,.. good luck!
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I've got one of these in excellent condition, and I'm in love with the sound of it. I've been thinking of a way to make a midi-controller for it, or at least make some new records! I also have two air whistle toys that have very similar discs that could use some new song discs, or a midi retrofit.
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