MFB Synth 3: A semi-modular analog desktop synth for £440

I have a MFB Synth II, which I really enjoy - a little blue Minimoog with a sequencer. It's wonky, lo-fi thing (I have to tune it with a guitar tuner) but I really like it, so I'm intrigued by the MFB Synth 3, which is launching at MusikMesse this week. It's basically a bunch of their eurorack modules in a desktop box. No patch storage (which I never use on the Synth 2) and no sequencer (both of which I use a lot) - it comes with a built in MIDI-CV converter. It's got to be the most knobs and patch points ever sold for €580.

actually, it does have midi. probably this modul:
580 Euro for this looks like a great deal.

The product text is kind of confusing - but it seems to have midi for playing, but not for controlling parameters. I almost never record any knob fiddling as midi data anyway. Patch storage can be great when doing live performances, but rehearsing manual patch changes is actually kind of fun, and adds an element of randomness to the performance :)
no patch memory and no midi parameter control is great to me, means REAL analog continuous control VS digital quantized param values!

just add a MFB-STEP64 to record/sequence parameters

great value!
This synth appeared on matrixsynth, too. There were quite a few of negative comments about reliability from MFB owners, but the idea of a "laptop modular" is intriguing. Imagine taking one to an "open mic night", or a bunch of users cooperating a la "laptop orchestra". Hmm.
This synth concept is solid. However I see a major flaw. That is the ergonomics of the patch-bay(s). I’m trying to visualise myself using such a compact semi-modular synth with a bunch of cables obscuring the control knobs.
A single MS-20 style patch-bay would make for a much better workflow. Just ask any circuit bender.
I’m not trying to be negative but I have a few break-out style patch-bays on cheapo synths and they work great, with little or no extra effort.
Pea South.
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