Korg DS-10 turns your Nintendo DS into a vintage MS-10

This looks fantastic: An official, Korg-sanctioned Japan-only MS-10 for the Nintendo DS. It has two synth engines, a drum machine, and a 6-track XOX sequencer, complete with little draggable patch cables. No sign of MIDI in, but you can link several systems wirelessly to play together. I think I need a DS... (Thanks, David)

Oh wow! This could make my DS useful again!
Aprils fools coming early??
"Aprils fools coming early??"

Not necessarily. You can hack your DS and do stuff like this already. It's not completely unheard of.
"No sign of MIDI in"
But there is such a thing as ROM hacking. ;)
I think MIDI sync or similar will be implemented sooner or later.

Perhaps im wrong...
Nitrotracker for DS implements wireless midi using bluetooth. It can be done.

In the interest of shameless self-promotion, here is my site where I make Nitrotracker music. http://www.myspace.com/knightmagic.
I've been wanting to get a DS for this. I was gonna go with Nanoloop. I bought a Yamaha QY70 to try and get this kinda thing. I want to be able to sit against a tree and fiddle and sketch and rock....I will now buy a DS!
Looks absolutely stunning. Now can they work on a DS Synthi A emulator
I'm in love!!!
I think this is one of those moments when something really happened in music history. If this really works and you can take already recorded material and break it down like this, it is just amazing.However, I think it opens Pandora's box for some...
I have also posted about this, 2 days ago (on GuitarFlame.com), I think it really must spread out because it will help a lot studio engineers.
since i left almost the same comment at Boing Boing Gadgets (still the comment is pending for approval at the moment), it could be a sort of multi-post, so please excuse me....

just for your info, apparently this software is to be available only at amazon japan online shop (http://www.amazon.co.jp/exec/obidos/ASIN/B0015PSKV0/).

i'm not sure if the future sales is going to be limited in that way for good.....

but anyway this will rock us a lot!!
This comment has been removed by the author.
This comment has been removed by the author.
Do you want to see a Global release for Korg DS-10? Paste this link into your browser & add your signature;

Apparently to be released worldwide:
Have any of you guys actually listened to this thing? The demo on that Japanese site sounds like shit. Not usable as a VA. This product is a diversion on a long air flight and not much more.
OK, I picked up my DS-10 in Tokyo (err..) three days ago and spent most of the flight back playing with it.

It emulates two MS-10s, a drum machine and a sequencer. As an MS-10 and MS-20 owner I can testify it makes an OK job of it but when combined with the drum m/c and on-board effects it's pretty damned impressive.

The single touch screen does make it a fiddle to use though as you have to switch the display to set up patches THEN switch the screens to play them.

All in all, for 30 quid equivalent, it's well worth it.

(oh, and the manual is in Japanese only)
This was released in the UK in mid-October and it has an English manual.

Hope to be recording some stuff with it soon.
I got round to recording a couple of things with the DS-10 which can be found at Reverbnation - leave a comment at http://www.reverbnation.com/rabidgravy if you like/dislike them :-)
here is a new blog that has links and ideas /answers http://allthingskorgds10.blogspot.com/
It turns it more into a Korg MS-20 because of the sequencer.
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