Anechoic chambers are awesome

There is nothing not to love at Oobject's Guide to Anechoic Chamber Architecture. Above is AFJ International's tank-sized chamber, and the Auditory Localization Facility is a person-sized loudspeaker-filled geodesic sphere packing a generous punch of awesome. Less high-minded readers might also enjoy Nick Knight's rather splendid fashion/audio crossover The Sound of Clothes, which includes several not entirely SFW videos. (Thanks, Will)

"Not entirely SWF" - brilliant
So is the idea to get a recording of the tank firing its gun, without all that annoying background reverb you sometimes get on cheap SFX CDs?
My construction company built one of these for the airforce at Edwards AFB. It is big enough to hold a B1 Bomber and had a turntable to spin it around.
Sadly, that tank is in an RF anechoic chamber, i.e. it suppresses echoes of electromagnetic radiation, not sound.

Wikipedia has more on RF anechoic chambers here:
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