Which musical instrument will make me happiest?

Now it starts to get interesting (thank you for your patience). In the survey, I asked which instruments you can play "well enough to enjoy it", and which one of those instruments makes you happiest right now.
The most popular instrument was synth, followed by guitar. The graph above shows which instruments make people the happiest*. And the winner, overwhelmingly, is the humble guitar.
Is that surprising? I'm slightly surprised, but also comforted, that a geeky, gadget obsessed, synth-twiddling group like us still really, really, like playing guitars. I also feel really sorry for all you dissatisfied singers...
*It's the percentage of people who said they play a particular instrument, who then went on to say it made them happiest. So, if only one person played bass, and it made them happiest, it would score 100%. If you're better at stats than me and would like to see the raw data, get in touch and I'll pass it along.


nice blog
I think you should remember that some people who read this blog regularly are not just geeky knob twiddlers -- we front bands and sing and play keys and also love synths and gadgets. Guitar is simply a universal and easy instrument, and even to the dedeicated techno or IDMer, it was probably their first or second instrument, and they probably still have one and find consolation in it when sitting on the couch watching a tv or something. you don't really do Reason or Live while just sitting back with your eyes closed.
It's news to me that playing a guitar is "easy." I've tried it more than a couple times, and it requires intense practice. I never was able to "pick" it up. Har.
Well Dave,Guitar is my favourite instrument as well.I have been playing guitar from 2 years.Initially i also faced a lot of problem in playing guitar untill my friend refered me a great resource to learn play guitar..
play guitar
All the best
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