Show me your homemade instruments

There are many wonders in 276 responses to the challenge 'Show me your homemade instruments'. My favourite is this chap whose Dad bolted together a Vox Continental and a guitar, but there's a lot more: Sxip Shirey plays bowls with marbles, terrifying grinding car guitar thing, strange tiny bass guitar, a circuit bent Buddha Machine, a beautiful-looking touchpad-based homemade synth and this bonkers disc reverb box. There's a lot more - leave links to goodness in the comments. (Thanks, Gareth)

The ultimate homemade instruments are by my good friend Jay Wasco:
Here's the most from-scratch one I did, the MIDIbox SID-NUXX, which is a completely custom reimplementation of the MIDIbox SID. Custom mainboard PCB, front panel PCB, enclosure, everything.

I had the Gerbers up for download under CC-Non-Commercial license until someone started selling devices based on it on eBay.
Here is Tim's favourite, as he seems to have pasted twice the same link. :)
This insane man from Lancaster is a genius.. The best umbellist I've ever seen.
flying fuckin werewolves
shaggsmetal with a foxhead
The guy who asked people to post their homemade instruments, 13strings, is a total idiot. He attempted to achieve fame and glory (well, the youtube kind) by building a bass with what he thought was the most strings any bass has ever had (13). He didn't bother to read up on how to make a bass, or even how to tune one, put it together with tape, and tried to sell it for like 3 grand. He also has a totally bizarre accent.
My homemades:
Five string electric upright bass:
And a rubber bass:
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how about a typewriter that plays a piano, key by key -- or a room sized analog drum machine that works on the principle of an old-timey music box....

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