The Music Thing 'Which instruments can you play?' survey of 2008

I've been playing piano a bit recently, and thinking about how bad I am at it. Using the wondrous new Google Forms system, I thought I'd find out how you feel. I'm off to Cornwall for a week, so results and hopefully many graphs next week.
UPDATE: Sunday 24th January - thank you for the 2,200 replies. The survey is now closed. Results soon.


How about the missing question - What are you trying to learn to play?
Cool poll, thanks! Can't wait to see how it turns out, and if there are any other jaw harpists.
does turning knobs and pushing keys on my keyboard count?

i know no theory but make some noises i like :)
Did you make the survey with php? Is it some kind of google database thing going on?

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Good post. I like it.
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