Less-Lethal: Album as non-lethal weapon

Less-Lethal Vol 1 is a compilation of tracks inspired by the idea of using music (or sound, at least) as a form of torture... "Particularly the sheer lack of imagination on the part of military experts who resort to the use of pop music as a weapon, by playing it back for painfully long periods of time at very high volumes." Tragically, I can't find any sound clips online, so you'll just have to imagine what it sounds like. (Thanks AR)

francisco lopez on a comp devoted to music as torture? a more appropriate meeting could never be found.
Really? We still doin' the Rickroll thing? In 2008?
ive seen justice yeldham live- he plays broken glass with his face via a contact mic. seriously. check out youtube for live videos if you dare...
some of it is downright annoying (intentionally) - but there's a fair bit of listen-able music on there. i've put up a sound-clip of the powerbooks for peace track ::

In one of the videos about Wako and David Koresh, the ATF/FBI was playing (among other things) the Tibetan throat-singing monks at him as torture. I thought that was pretty perverse.

Then they (working together) burned up all the children and folks.
I'm surprised that Merzbow didn't make the list, nor the second track from John Zorn's "Kristallnacht." I tried to listen to the Zorn piece and couldn't make it through the first listen. High frequency sound breaking glass; can you get more torturous than that? Just for fairness, I love Zorn and the rest of "Kristallnact" is pretty good; not a huge Merzbow fan, though.
that made me laugh...so ...hard...i thought i zapped that out my collective knowledge

I was Rickrolled. :(
Speaking about torture id anybody see this?

It’s good old Gaeoudjiparl (also on the LESS-LETHAL, vol. 1).. Going on for about 50 minutes about computer music

Hardcore and frankly very very close to torture as well!

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