Kanye West, Daft Punk and many Lemur controllers at the Grammy awards

The awesome Lemur action starts at 2:52 - obviously they're just miming with the 'look cool' preset, but think of it as a stylised version of What are Daft Punk actually playing inside their pyramid?". More about the Lemur here. (Thanks, Raffael from Switzerland)

This gave me goosebumps all over.
I'm still recovering.
Thanx for this!
this is thee shit
I kind of wish daft punk actually would have played instead of mimed with really cool looking controls, but at least they were still on the grammys. ITs cool stuff.
to bad he didnt thank daft punk for letting him make a song shitty
make a good song shitty*
I got the link from a promo-mailing of the record company, and now the video was removed for copyright violation. oh, how glad I am that big bad record companies are a dying species and users are always faster. here's the youtube-link:
ARE they miming? Sure the extra screen with the bars moving all over the place has no purpose.. but it appears thomas is hitting the pads to trigger the vocal samples, and there is other knob turning for beat repeat etc.. i dont know... i just want to believe!
I personally want to believe that Thomas Banglater and Guy man were actually chillin' in there homes while the robots in there bad ass suits took care of looking pretty. That'd be sweet. Especially if the entire Alive 2007 tour was like that. I mean why not? They got the funds/tech to do it. I mean I would.
If they were miming they were doing a pretty good job of it IMO. The words matched the taps on the screen and then when it ended the bar he went to the top of the screen did something else.

I doubt it would be that hard for them to get it set up and rehearse.

Loved the green-screen aesthetic too!

I was actually thinking about the Lemurs the other day after watching that scratch DJ on the organ. Man I'd love one of those.
Thanks to Vince Gill for helping Kayne get some perspective...

Cool music courtesy of Daft Punk

Shit sauce courtesy of Kanye
Kanye West is rubbish.
as i didn't recognize their pyramid, i went from "they're doing this song? really?" to "oh cool, the actual dudes." now we just need to find the guys Daft Punk sampled from and throw them on the stage somewhere.
< http://musicthing.blogspot.com/2007/02/daft-punks-samples-visual-aid.html >

said DJrock3k being DJrock3k.
Damn Tron is so awesome. I was at a The Hives concert in Seattle (happened upon a ticket and went alone) and i watched the whole thing sans sound. It was still amazing.

Funny that Kanye's jacket has coattails.
I'm going to invent a machine that puts Kanye West over all my music collection, because there's nothing that adds to a good song like inane banter.
I especially enjoyed the article in the recent Sound on Sound about Manny Marroquin (sp?) mixing the Kanye West "song". Apparently he was the sixteenth person to do so - that's how exacting Kanye West was about "getting it right".

Come on now. The guy is rapping over someone else's hook with some hip-hop drums over it. How much real production does that require? I see people do more complex things in those five minute "creating a beat on an MPC" videos on YouTube.
add mandolin and turn table to the instrument survey just kidding and cool video i love this blog you rule though i may not hav ebeen kidding on the former transformer !
Radiohead have just bought some Lemur controllers as well now!
See Thom Yorke discuss this and his approach to gear etc in this interesting NPR interview: http://www.npr.org/templates/story/story.php?storyId=18960914
I would agree that they are miming, and would take it a step further - I would venture to say it wasn't even them up there. They probably have better things to do.

Nothing annoys me more than Kanye going around bitching about getting the credit he is due, when all he does is rap (badly) over someone else's (who also sample from elsewhere) hook. Where's the talent there? I have nothing against sampling, but this is just a weak remix/mashup as far as I'm concerned.

Nice glasses, though.
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